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Best of the Podcast: 100 Episodes

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When I launched this podcast in February 2017, I committed to myself that I was going to do it for one year.

No matter what, I was going to make the time to release a weekly episode (and there were weeks when I was up until midnight getting the podcast done for the next morning’s release!).

We’re now at episode 100 (woohoo!) and in a couple of months, the podcast will be 2 years old.

My tendency is to breeze past this milestone. After all, it’s just one more episode.

That’s my Type-A personality: going from achievement to achievement and not taking the time to reflect and celebrate.

It’s like when we run off the stage after we’ve finished our talk instead of receiving the applause and celebrating (ahem, yes, I’ve done this in the past).

Now, you don’t need to applaud me for episode 100.

Rather, I want to thank you and tell you how grateful I am that you listen to the podcast, share it on social media, let your friends and colleagues know about it, and post in the Speaking Your Brand community. (Not a member? Join today for free.)

In the Facebook group, I asked which were your favorite episodes.

There were a few that many of you said, like episode 61 on frameworks and episode 82 (and others) on using feedback forms at your speaking engagements to collect leads.

There was also a few that came up more than once – and I saw a pattern.

So, this episode is not going to be a collection of clips from past episodes.

Rather, I’m going to highlight which episodes were your favorites – based on your responses and download numbers – and WHY I think they are.

The WHY is what you can apply to your own speaking engagements, whether you’re standing on a stage, facilitating a workshop, or being interviewed on or hosting a podcast.

Curious to hear what these are? Listen in.

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