Be a Better Speaker - Top Takeaways from Watching Presenters at Podcast Movement: Podcast Ep. 081

Be a Better Speaker – Top Takeaways from Watching Presenters at Podcast Movement: Podcast Ep. 081

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What separates a great speaker from a so-so one and how can you be a great one?

I recently attended a 3-day conference (Podcast Movement) and took notes during the keynotes and breakout sessions on what the speakers did well and what could have been better, so you can take these tips and apply them to your own presentations.

Although it was a conference for podcasters, this episode is not about podcasting – it’s about how you can be a better speaker and presenter. (But, if you are a podcaster, it will help with that too!)

You’ll learn:

  • Top takeaways from watching presenters at Podcast Movement that you can apply to your own presentations
  • What the best speakers had in common
  • What Pat Flynn did in his opening keynote
  • The worst session I attended – what went wrong and how it could have been better
  • The best sessions I attended – and what the speakers did well
  • How a panel was structured as a 3-person presentation: Did it work?
  • What Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air did in her closing keynote that was incredibly brave

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