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Standard bio:

Carol Cox is the founder of Speaking Your Brand, which helps high-performing, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs and professionals shape their business and personal brands, share their message, and become recognized as influencers in their field. Carol is a podcaster, TEDx speaker, and sought-after presenter and trainer on public speaking, branding, and leadership for women. Carol teaches business and marketing classes at a university and during election seasons serves as a political analyst on TV news. She is based in Orlando, Florida, and works with clients both locally and virtually around the world.

Now, the fun stuff:

I help entrepreneurial and executive women excavate their stories, define their core message, and create a breakthrough brand and signature talk that grows their business and influence.

I believe that as high-performing women we change the paradigm, the perception of ambitious women, by more of us actively and visibly pursuing bigger, audacious goals, raising our voices and sharing our stories about what really matters – on stages, in boardrooms, in our businesses, in the media – so others can learn from our journeys, see themselves in ours, and become leaders in their own companies and communities.

We need more women to lead because, frankly, our world won’t survive without us stepping up and taking the reins – and we need the tools, support, and confidence to do so.

I started Speaking Your Brand precisely to provide the coaching, strategy, support, and confidence you need to take your story and your craft and turn it into a core message, whether it’s web copy or a presentation, that provides immense value to your audience and leaves them wanting more from you.

I’m a left-brained, logical, get-it-done, couldn’t-draw-a-stick-figure-to-save-my-life kind of person.

I grew up reading and learning about people who weren’t afraid to put their values on the line in order to change the world – and I wanted to be like them.

I envisioned myself as a young woman in the French Resistance during World War II, daringly helping others escape to freedom so that democracy and goodness could prevail over totalitarianism and darkness. (Quite dramatic, I know. I can picture the movie version in my head.)

Not surprisingly, I went to grad school for History and am happiest in a college library surrounded by books.

Then I made a detour into web programming and started two technology companies. I also teach business and marketing classes at a university.

Carol CoxI love researching new topics, creating slide decks, and presenting in front of audiences, whether 15 or 500.

I’ve been speaking at business conferences and events throughout my career. I’ve experienced the power that public speaking has to quickly grow my network, build brand reputation, and help me become a recognized community leader.

“Carol, you are such a radiant light. You have become such a public authority for women and leadership in Orlando. Keep on shining!” – Elizabeth Rissman, Rissman Digital Creative

Elizabeth Rissman

I’ve learned some important lessons along the way.

First, in the beginning, I wasn’t clear on why I was speaking in the first place. Sure, it was fun and I enjoyed putting presentations together and meeting new people at the events. But, I wasn’t strategic in using speaking to further my business goals.

Second, because I did not have a signature talk, one topic I was known for, people weren’t sure exactly what I and my company did and how specifically I could help them.

That’s when I decided I needed specific speaking goals related to my business and I needed to create a signature talk: a presentation I could give again and again (tweaking as needed) so I could become the go-to person and thought leader for my industry.

After seeing presentations that other business people were giving, I noticed they were usually missing these key ingredients. I realized that I had a contribution to make here.

I’ve created and delivered hundreds of presentations and webinars and developed curricula for nearly a dozen college-level courses in business, marketing, and technology.

Shea Glenny

“Carol gave just the right amount of actionable information that kept us productive but prevented us from being overwhelmed. The exercises were clearly connected to business outcomes and I found them both fun and enlightening. We are bringing her back by popular demand and I highly recommend Carol as a speaker, facilitator and teacher!” – Shea Glenny, weVenture

I want you to deliver real value in your presentations, not a sales pitch.

My philosophy is teach from the stage, don’t sell from the stage.

Not only does this make you an authority and more interesting for your audience to listen to, but it also builds a sustainable business for you built on integrity and relationships.

Perhaps you’re afraid to put yourself out there, or you don’t know what your signature talk should be, or what content to include, or how to structure your presentation.

Or, maybe you’re comfortable speaking and have a talk you’ve given before, but it didn’t quite work for you (or for your audience). You didn’t get the results you were hoping for.

I’ve been there. And I’ve learned what to do to ensure your presentations have the impact you desire, so you can share your message in a way that resonates with your audience and grows your business.

Fun Tidbits

  • I thought I was a dog person until my first cat came into my life (he literally showed up on my doorstep). I now have two cats, and the only thing that keeps me from adopting more is that I tell myself that I’m a bit too young to be the crazy cat lady (that will happen later!).
  • I love to go hiking and kayaking but not camping, which is eternally disappointing to my husband who really likes to camp. I prefer soft beds and warm showers at the end of the day. Maybe I should try glamping?
  • I love politics – not the mean-spirited, name-calling part of it, but the wonky policy discussions and campaign strategy. During election seasons, I do political analysis on TV news. View some of my past TV appearances and presentations.
  • My husband calls me the Google Search Queen. I can find the best answer to any question you have (try me :-).

Long Bio

From the early days of e-commerce to the advent of social networking, Carol Cox has worked with companies and brands over the past fifteen years to strategize and implement technology and marketing solutions.

Carol has started two software businesses, whose clients have included Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and start-ups, municipalities, community organizations, and political candidates.

Based on her years of business, marketing, and presentation experience, Carol created Speaking Your Brand to help entrepreneurs and community leaders learn how to shape and share their business and personal brands and become recognized as the go-to experts in their field.

Carol has presented at dozens of live conferences and events, given well over a hundred online webinars, and is a political analyst on TV news.

Active in her community, Carol serves as a board member and growth coach for weVenture Orlando and is a member of the local chapters of Athena NextGen, NAWBO, and Femfessionals.

She is a former chairperson of the Democratic Party in Seminole County, Florida, where she led initiatives in political strategy, fundraising, grassroots organizing, voter outreach, media relations, and marketing, and was named as “one to watch” by the Orlando Sentinel.

Since 2009, Carol has taught Internet business and marketing courses at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Carol holds a Master’s degree in History (with a focus on women’s and gender history) from Emory University, where she was a recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship for graduate study, and she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in French.

Past Speaking Engagements Include