Our mission is to amplify and champion diverse, progressive, &  purpose-driven women's voices. Our team takes this to heart in everything we do.

About Speaking Your Brand®


Our Mission: To amplify and champion diverse, progressive, & purpose-driven women's voices.

In our clientele, programs, podcast guests, and vendors, we seek a diversity of women from different backgrounds, topics, industries, ages, races, ethnicities, and sexualities, as we know how much diversity enriches the conversation and community for all of us.

We are feminists who believe that women's lives, stories, experiences, and voices should be equally valued. We understand intersectionality and advocate for #ChoosingWomensVoices, from the podcasts we listen to, to the books we read, to the influencers we follow.

We believe that #BlackLivesMatter and we support the LGBTQ+ community and equal rights for all.

We are doing our work to provide a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for our team, our clients, and our audiences.


Our Promise: Through coaching, training, and support, we help you find and use your voice and share your message and expertise so you can have a transformative impact on your audiences - and yourself.

We believe that speaking and visibility raise the profile of women and their businesses on stages, in boardrooms, in the media, in communities, and in politics.

We've seen the power of women's stories and visibility to challenge the status quo and change existing systems, to benefit more people.

Our coaches are trained in the Speaking Your Brand® framework and have years of experience in speaking, storytelling, media, marketing, and branding.

Meet the Team

Carol Cox

Carol Cox

Founder & CEO

Carol is the founder & CEO of Speaking Your Brand®, host of the podcast, and creator of the Signature Talk Canvas®. Carol speaks on women's leadership, women in politics, and business storytelling. During election seasons, she serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. Carol was named as one of Orlando's Women of the Year in 2021 and has been featured in Forbes. Carol has a Master's degree in History and years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and public speaking. Speaking PageMedia Kit

Diane Diaz

Diane Diaz

Lead Speaking Coach & Personal Brand Strategist

Diane is our Lead Speaking Coach and a Personal Brand Strategist with Speaking Your Brand®. Diane regularly speaks on personal branding, LinkedIn strategy, and women's empowerment. Diane has a Master's degree in Business Administration, with years of experience in branding, marketing, and public speaking. She is also an Ironman triathlete and enjoys fitness and listening to podcasts. Speaking Page


Solita Roberts-Goodwin

Executive Assistant

Solita is our Executive Assistant and Client Concierge at Speaking Your Brand®. Solita comes with years of experiencing working as an EA for a CEO of a large company and is adept at project management, planning, and operations. Solita is also an image stylist and is passionate about empowering women to look and feel their best.


Joy Spencer

Speaking Coach

Joy is a Speaking and Storytelling Coach with Speaking Your Brand®. Joy is a certified executive and leadership coach and uses her C.R.E.A.T.E. framework to help people to discover, grow, and offer their gifts to the world. Joy is passionate about storytelling and is the host of her own podcast called Reframe to Create.