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We start November 3, 2020.


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It's time to evolve from speaker to thought leader.

Learn about

the Academy

That means you.

We need more women as thought leaders.

We know that it's through women’s stories, voices, and visibility, we challenge the status quo and change existing systems, to benefit more people.

Your brave and bold message, thought leadership project, and signature talk are key.

The Problem?

Because of COVID, we're all presenting virtually, which means everyone has experienced a {somewhat boring} talk or training.

How can you stand out and make your presentations and interviews compelling, especially on camera?

How can you make a bigger impact with your message and put more meaning into your business?

How can you be seen as a thought leader and not another {unpaid} speaker?

What differentiates thought leaders from others is having a participatory project: it could be a podcast, a book, an event, or an initiative.


The Solution

You need to position and market yourself as a thought leader, with a bold message, well-crafted signature talk, and visibility plan to attract the right opportunities.

Thought leaders have these elements in common:

  • Viewpoint that's interesting & unique
  • Open, bold, and direct in their message and communication
  • Individual/personal story that they universalize
  • Container/project for their thought leadership (this is key!)
  • Emotive, real and vulnerable in their content and delivery

Our Thought Leader Academy program provides personalized expert coaching, peer support, training, and accountability.

Why Choose Us?

We know how to make engaging speeches & events. Our recent summit attendees raved that it was the best virtual event experience they've had. They were glued to their screens!

We have years of experience creating and delivering presentations and we've worked with hundreds of women on theirs.

Our unique Signature Talk Canvas® is a proven framework for creating presentations, whether lead generation webinars or story-driven TED-style talks.

Our founder Carol Cox has been called one of the best speaking coaches out there by a TED organizer who's worked with dozens of coaches worldwide.


Our mission is to amplify women's voices and develop more women thought leaders and prominent speakers.

Carol Cox featured in Forbes article

This program is a combination of

coaching + training + mastermind

4 month program: Early November 2020 to Mid-March 2021

  • Live & Virtual

    We do all of this virtually LIVE on Zoom video and in a private online community, so you can join us no matter where you live. Our groups are small, so you get personalized attention.

  • Growth Focused

    By the end of the program experience, you'll have the speaking and thought leadership materials in place that will fuel the growth of your business and lead you to bigger opportunities and impact.


What you want to do:

  • position yourself as a thought leader
  • generate more revenue
  • grow your email list & following
  • inspire more people & reach bigger audiences
  • boost your confidence
  • get expert guidance
  • build a network with other speakers

Who this is ideal for:

  • women entrepreneurs & professionals
  • have a good understanding of your best audience/groups/clients
  • intermediate level of experience & comfort with speaking
  • high-achieving action taker
  • ready to get better results
  • want to create a thought leadership project (podcast, book, event, initiative)

The Impact of Expert & Peer Support & Accountability

I knew this coaching program was just the push I needed to level up my speaking skills.

It has been a fantastic experience of personal growth, stepping outside of comfort zones, honing skills, and making meaningful connections.

The women in the mastermind are phenomenal, and we work together to uplift each other.

If it weren't for the group, I would not have created my speaker page or considered a baseline for getting paid to speak.

I am grateful to Carol and Diane for being such great coaches and facilitating the emergence of breakthrough after breakthrough.

This program is a must if you are a speaker and are ready to level up your skills."

Charmaine Gregory

Charmaine Gregory, M.D.
Speaker & Workshop 
Facilitator on Professional Burnout

What We'll Be Doing Together Over 4 Months to
Transform You into a Thought Leader:

  • Identify Your Thought Leadership Container

    What's the bigger message you want to share and get people behind?

    What will be the container for your thought leadership?

    In addition to speaking, it could be launching a podcast, writing a book, hosting an event, or creating an initiative that others get involved in.

    We'll help you develop your plan and see it through!

  • Strategies for Generating Revenue from Speaking and Thought Leadership

    Just like your business has a revenue model and marketing strategy, so should your speaking.

    You'll work on defining:


    • Your speaking fees and packages
    • What makes you unique as a speaker
    • Your target market (groups and companies)
    • Your sales process and negotiation strategies
  • Improve Your Stage Presence

    You'll learn strategies to enhance your stage presence, including on camera for virtual presentations.

    You'll also learn techniques for engaging your audience, so they stay tuned in and rave about you afterwards.

    Through exercises and feedback we provide, you'll work on your energy, preparation, mindset, vocal variation, and use of technology and props.

  • Create Your Signature Talk

    No more boring, same-as-everyone-else presentations. You want your talks to be inspired and memorable.

    Using our unique and proven Signature Talk Canvas® presentation framework, you'll learn how to create different types of talks, including:

    • Presentations for brand awareness & lead generation
    • Webinars for selling
    • Keynotes
    • Story-Driven / TED-style talks

    You'll work on creating your signature talk, which you'll be able to easily repurpose for different audiences, lengths of time, and formats (including virtual).

  • Get Known & Get Found: Your Personal Brand and Visibility Plan

    You'll work on the promotional materials and visibility plan you need to successfully market yourself as a speaker, including:

    • your LinkedIn profile;
    • the Speaking page on your website;
    • promotion plan for before, during, and after a speaking engagement to leverage social media and visibility.
  • Increase Your Confidence

    Putting out a bold message can be exhilarating - and sometimes daunting.

    By going through the Thought Leader Academy, you'll increase your confidence in your message, your delivery, and yourself.

    Getting support and validation from other women can make all the difference - we've seen it with our clients.

How The Program Works
  • Live Group Zoom Calls

    Weekly live group calls on Zoom will be held on Tuesdays from 3-4 pm Eastern time, starting November 3, 2020.

    Each month you'll get:

    Week 1 = Expert Training and Q&A

    Week 2 = Mastermind / Support

    Week 3 = Co-working / Implementation

    Week 4 = Show & Tell / Accountability

    (Calls will be recorded if you miss any.)

  • One-on-One Coaching Option

    You can opt to add 4 hours of one-on-one coaching to help you with your thought leadership message, signature talk, visibility plan, and more.

  • Private Online Community

    You'll have access to video lessons, worksheets, and templates.

    You'll have a place to ask questions and get and give feedback.

    We use Mighty Networks to host the online community. You can access it via your browser or their (very nice) mobile app.

  • Action Plan

    You'll get specific homework and action steps for each module that we'll review in our online community site and during the group calls.

    Accountability and deadlines are essential elements to getting you from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Ongoing Review & Feedback

    Continuous improvement is what we're after. You'll get review and feedback from your facilitators and the other women in the program on your homework, including your presentation slides, audio or video recordings, speaker marketing materials, speaking packages, speaking page, etc.

  • Curated Group Participants

    The women in the program will be selected who are at a similar level of speaking experience, with similar goals, and who speak on a variety of topics and come from different industries.

    We expect you'll get to know each other well and come to rely on each other for input and support.

Monthly Schedule

What Women in Our Programs Have Accomplished

  • Getting paid to speak for the first time
  • Being more strategic about what they say 'yes' and 'no' to
  • Creating their speaking pages to attract the right opportunities
  • Aligning their content with their offers for better lead generation
  • Learning specific sales and outreach techniques & templates
  • Building confidence in their negotiations and pitching
  • Raising their speaking fees to $5,000+

This coaching program has absolutely changed my business. More bookings and higher fees, plus clients now say ‘yes’ without a pause. — Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective®

With this program, you will...

Position yourself as a thought leader with a BOLD message and project.

Join the chorus of BRAVE women who are speaking up.

Go BEYOND the ordinary with a compelling signature talk.

Are you ready to use your voice to change our world?


Tier 1


$2,250 pay in full

$600 x 4 payments

Includes: Full Academy with weekly calls, training, mastermind, & community

1 spot left

Tier 2


$3,850 pay in full

$1,000 x 4 payments

Includes: Full Academy & 4 hours of 1:1 coaching with our coaches

2 spots left

Tier 3


$5,850 pay in full

$1,500 x 4 payments

Includes: Full Academy & 4 hours of 1:1 coaching with Carol Cox



Bonuses Valued at Over $1,100

  • Planning Workshop

    2-hour live Zoom workshop in early December on goals & planning.

    Value = $297

  • Coaching Session

    30-minute 1:1 coaching call that you can use anytime during the program.

    Value = $247

  • Summit Recordings

    Recordings of the incredible speakers & panels from our virtual summit.

    Priceless 😊

  • Webinar Course

    You'll get access to our Webinar Idea to Launch course.

    Value = $397

  • LinkedIn Masterclass

    You'll get access to our LinkedIn for Speakers masterclass.

    Value = $197

Meet Your Coaches

Carol Cox

Carol Cox


Carol Cox is the founder of Speaking Your Brand® and host of the Speaking Your Brand® podcast. Carol speaks on women's leadership, women in politics, and business storytelling. During election seasons, she serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. Carol has a Master's degree in History and lives in Orlando, FL.

Diane Diaz

Diane Diaz


Diane Diaz is our lead Speaking Coach with Speaking Your Brand®. She speaks regularly on personal branding, LinkedIn strategy, and women's empowerment. Diane has an extensive background in marketing and branding and is also an Ironman triathlete. Diane has a Master's in Business Administration and lives in Orlando, FL.

Questions & Answers
When does the program start and end?

We start November 3, 2020, and run for ~4 months until March 9, 2021. 

(We're off the last 2 weeks of December.)

When are the group calls and how do they work?

The weekly live group calls will be held on Tuesdays from 3-4 pm Eastern time on Zoom (video).

We strongly encourage you to attend live so you can interact with the other people in the group (you’ll get a lot more out of the program).

If you can’t attend a session, the calls will be recorded.

Our first group call is on November 3, 2020, and we meet weekly through March 9, 2021. (We're off the last 2 weeks of December.)

How does the 1:1 coaching work?

If you decide to add one-on-one coaching (Tier 2 or Tier 3), you will have 4 hours of coaching time to use during the program.

You can use your coaching sessions to work with your coach on:

  • your thought leadership message and project
  • your signature talk
  • your visibility plan
  • your speaking packages
  • anything else related to thought leadership and speaking

One-on-one coaching is incredibly valuable to get you out of your head and to accelerate what you're working on.

Your Zoom sessions will be recorded and you'll receive a copy to refer back to.

How does the private community work?

You will be invited to a private membership site on Mighty Networks for participants of this program only.

In it, you’ll have access to all of the training materials and be able to share what you’re working on, get feedback, ask about conferences and organizations you’re interested in, etc.

Mighty Networks is accessible via your browser as well as a (very nice) mobile app.

We intentionally chose not to use a Facebook group because we want you to be focused and not distracted and we don't like Facebook's policies around data collection and privacy.

Is this a course or coaching or a mastermind?

It’s the best of all 3.

You’ll get access to training materials (worksheets, templates, short video lessons) we’ve created.

But, this is much more than a course because it’s live and you get support.

You have access to us in the private membership site and during the group and one-on-one coaching calls to ask questions and get direction. We’ll also be personally reviewing your script/slides and audio/video practice of your presentation and giving you feedback.

And, the best part is the group aspect: hearing other people’s perspectives and insights is invaluable in finding your unique angle and making your presentation interesting and memorable.

Plus, we’ll help keep you accountable on your goals and thinking bigger!

How many people will be in the program?

We're limiting the size of the group to 20 women, so you’ll have time during the live calls to ask questions and get to know the other women.

How much time will I be spending each week?

Plan on spending about 2-4 hours per week.

What if I’ve never been paid to speak before?

That's ok - that's why you're here!

Many of us speak for free for brand awareness and lead generation, which is great.

But, there comes a time when you've gained enough experience and credibility to start asking for money.

This program is going to help you create the speaking materials and packages so you can ask with clarity and confidence.

Do I need to already have a completed presentation or signature talk?

Not at all! You're going to learn how to create different versions of your signature talk using our unique and proven Signature Talk Canvas.

If you do already have a signature talk (especially if you've worked with us before), you're in an excellent position to hit the ground running.

How much does the program cost? Is there a payment plan?

The program has 3 tiers you can select from:

  1. Academy
  2. Academy + 1:1 coaching with our coaches
  3. Academy + 1:1 coaching with Carol Cox

You can pay in full or you can choose the 4-payment plan option.

You can reserve your spot with your first payment.

The remaining 3 payments will be charged 30 days apart.

What is this Master Speaker badge?

Upon successful completion of this program, you'll receive a Speaking Your Brand Master Speaker badge.

You can place this badge on your own website (such as on your Speaking page).

You'll also be included on our "Hire a Speaker" page on our website, with your name, photo, topics, and links, so event organizers can contact you.

(Please note that we cannot guarantee any bookings or revenue for you.)

I have other questions.

Great! Feel free to email us at

Have questions about the program?

How Past Participants Have Benefitted

Michelle Gyimah

I've always known that working on my speaking skills was a key part of my business that I needed to invest in. I've spent years listening to Carol's podcast so when the group program opportunity came up I just knew I had to get on board.

The benefits from this program have been immense. I've booked several paid talks since joining and I know it's been because of the group program.

I love the group format as I get to support and the see the progress of the other women, learn more about their expertise and share in their journey.

I would 100% recommend Carol Cox and Diane Diaz for anything speaking related and will definitely call on their expertise again in the future.

— Michelle Gyimah, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator on the Gender Pay Gap in the U.K.

Dr. Carmen Landrau

Your group program helped me tremendously, particularly in these areas:

  1. Accountability makes the goals real.
  2. The support of other members of the group, especially when impostor syndrome starts lurking in the back of my mind.
  3. Receiving “The How” to do it was priceless. This last benefit is crucial to your program. Many courses offer nonspecific general advice, but here we received dedicated action steps for each person’s situation.

To me you are the "it" person when it comes to speaking coaches.

— Carmen Landrau, M.D., Professional Speaker


In your group program, I really benefitted from:

  • the valuable collaboration and feedback from other successful women who are experts in their craft
  • understanding how to pitch
  • how to effectively tell a story and how transition into and out of it
  • how to ask for an opportunity to speak
  • how to simplify my message so that it’s understood and received properly

This was a valuable program for me both personally and professionally.

— Jamara Wilson, Founder, Tuxedo Impressions


I really am impressed with all of the ladies in this group! (every single one of you!)

When you find so many women who are not only super smart, savvy business women but also so caring and supportive it is really inspiring!

Thank you, Carol and Diane, for putting together such a great group of ladies!

— Amber Hawley, LMFT, Speaker & Podcaster

Marie Fiebach

The value of this program has been so much more than I paid.

It has helped me reframe my approach towards speaking.

By creating my keynote, building my speaking page, and crafting my offer, I am no longer someone who speaks.

I am a speaker.

— Marie Fiebach, Speaker & TV Contributor