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Create Your Signature Talk to Grow Your Business & Your Brand


You're a high-achieving woman who's regarded as an expert in what you do.  Which is great! Except...

All the training content you're comfortable with in your presentations isn't getting you invited to bigger speaking and visibility opportunities.

Experts say, "Learn from me" and give answers. The problem is that experts are interchangeable.

Thought leaders say, "Imagine with me" and ask questions that shift perspectives and challenge the status quo.

The question becomes...How can you shift from expert to thought leader?

How can you get event organizers to come to you to ask you to speak?

How can you get paid to speak and raise your fees?

How can you make a bigger impact with your message and put more meaning into your business?

You have to develop the four layers of a transformative talk: your big idea, your framework, your story, and your delivery.

Let's work together to create a powerful presentation that gets your message in front of more of the right people, so you can grow your business, brand, and network.

We'll take your story, your expertise, and your craft and turn them into an impactful and memorable signature talk. 

Plus, your talk can be easily re-purposed and used throughout your business (webinars, videos, website copy, sales pages, & more).

What can a  Speaking Your Brand Signature Talk for you?

Generate More Revenue

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Raise your speaking fees
  • Present a compelling offer

Be Seen As A Thought Leader

  • Get known for your big idea
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Share your insights
  • Develop intellectual property

Level Up Your Speaking

  • Gain more confidence
  • Get on bigger stages
  • Be paid to speak & increase your fees
  • Make an impact

Our Signature Talk Coaching

We Work with Women Who Make a Big Impact

Over 2 million views

From our first consult call, Tammy Lally's powerful insights into talking honestly and openly about "money shame" so moved me that I knew her message was an idea worth spreading.

The immediate and dramatic reactions from reviewers let us know that the work we had done together would get results.

Her TEDxOrlando talk was so well received that it was selected by the TED organization to be showcased on their home page (only about 50 out of 25,000 TEDx talks are selected for the home page each year). Since August 2018, Tammy's talk has had over 2 million views.


"Carol’s process of storytelling is compassionate and smart. With her guidance, I was able to take my story and turn it into a powerful idea worth spreading on the TEDx stage. We all need people to guide us to our greatness. Carol is one of those people."

— Tammy Lally, TEDx speaker, Author, and Coach

The Impact & ROI of Your Signature Talk & Message


“You’re the reason I am confident in my keynote. Best decision I made was to hire you. The value has been 10 fold.

— LuAnn Nigara, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Host of the A Well-Designed Business® podcast


When I think back over the last year, you’re a big part of that picture. A TEDx talk and a signature talk. Wow! They are huge accomplishments. You helped me connect with a deeper part of my mission. You have a gift. I’ve had coaches before, but they weren’t focused on their clients the way you are.

— Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective®

What's included?

  • Create Your Powerful Signature Talk

    Not sure how to open and close your talk or what content to include? Using our unique and proven Signature Talk Canvas®, presentation framework, we’ll create your complete signature talk.

    We’ll describe the story arc (hero’s journey) in your talk to take your audience from where they currently are to where they want to be – and how you can get them there.

    We'll layer your talk with your key points, stories, audience engagement, humor, emotion, and credibility.

  • Articulate Your Core Message

    We’ll extract your experience, expertise, and values so we can identify your core message – one that aligns with who you are and attracts the best speaking engagements and clients for you.

  • Identify Your Framework

    We’ll identify the common steps you take your clients through to get them results or the lessons you want to share.

    Your framework differentiates you from others in your field and gives prospects a tangible understanding of how you’ll work together.

    Based on your approach and steps, we may come up with an acronym, alliteration, or visual shape for your framework.

  • Engage the Audience & Align Your Offer

    We’ll add audience engagement activities to your presentation to keep them interested. And we’ll determine the best offers for your target audience and how to transition naturally and authentically from your content to your offer (no sales gimmicks allowed!).

You Get
  • Laser-focused Sessions

    One-on-one sessions with your coach on Zoom video.

  • Shared Notes & Recordings

    A shared Google Drive folder with notes and recordings from each session

  • 30 Day Hotline

    Email access to your coach during the time you work together and for 30 days after your last session.

  • Action Plan

    Specific homework and action plan for you to do between sessions.

  • Review & Feedback

    Review and feedback on your slides & practice audio/video.

  • Experienced Coach

    Our coaches are trained in the Speaking Your Brand® framework and have years of experience in speaking, marketing, and sales.

Here's How We Can Work Together

Lead Generation Signature Talk



Focused 1:1 coaching to create your lead generation signature talk & framework for your business

How It Works: 3-hour VIP Day + two 45-min. follow-up calls

Your Coach: Diane Diaz

Keynote Signature Talk



Focused 1:1 coaching to create your dynamic and memorable keynote signature talk

How It Works: 3-hour VIP Day & six 60-minute calls

Your Coach: Carol Cox

Thought Leader Academy



Group and 1:1 coaching to develop your thought leadership message and create your signature talk

How It Works: 3-hour 1:1 VIP Day + 8 weekly group calls

Your Coach: Diane Diaz or Carol Cox

Our proven framework accelerates your results

Get it done.

We’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs since 2016 and we would be honored to help you.

We'll take your story and your craft and turn it into a presentation that provides immense value to your audience and achieves your goals (lead generation, brand awareness, more speaking invitations, higher fees).

Your presentations become so much more than a slide deck.

They’re a reflection of what you do, who you help, and why it matters.

The result? Clarity for your audience, conviction in your purpose, and confidence in your message.

With my new Signature Talk , I made triple the amount in sales I had before.

AmberDeLaGarza-Headshot Square

- Amber De La Garza, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

This was not by accident: we crafted a keynote that would not only be valuable to the audience but create a seamless transition to the offer.

Meet Your Coaches

Carol Cox

Carol Cox is the founder and CEO of Speaking Your Brand® and host of the Speaking Your Brand® podcast.

Carol speaks on thought leadership; women in politics & the public sphere; and values-based communication. During election seasons, she serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. Carol was named as one of Orlando's Women of the Year in 2021 and has been featured in Forbes. Carol has a Master's degree in History and lives in Orlando, FL.

Diane Diaz

Diane Diaz is our lead speaking coach with Speaking Your Brand® and co-facilitates our group programs.

Diane speaks regularly on personal branding, LinkedIn strategy, and women's empowerment. Diane has an extensive background in marketing and branding and is also an Ironman triathlete. Diane has a Master's in Business Administration and lives in Orlando, FL.

Have questions or aren’t sure which is right for you?

What Clients Have Said


— Joy Spencer, Coach & Speaker

I hired Carol to help me craft my signature talk and got so much more out of it!  She didn’t just help me create my talk but showed me how to pivot and convert it into a webinar right as the world was turning upside down because of COVID-19. I wasn’t even thinking about things this way, but she saw around the corner and helped me make a shift to ride the wave of change.

Her vision and deep commitment to her clients shows in everything that she does. She is extremely generous with her knowledge which is why so many of her clients turn into fans. This is why I’ve chosen to make use of more than a few of her services. You can’t go wrong in choosing to work with the Speaking Your Brand team.    

Lorena Klingel

— Lorena Klingel, Founder, Learn to Flourish

If you want to incorporate speaking into your visibility strategy then working with Speaking Your Brand is a must.

I was awed and amazed during my VIP Day. She literally blew my mind with her magical ability to pull the information out of my head and convert it into a compelling talk.

I'm excited to deliver my new presentation to reach more people and grow my business.

Our Signature Talk Packages


— Natalie Eckdahl, CEO, BizChix

I am so grateful for Carol’s expertise and coaching in crafting my signature talk. She left no stone unturned and helped me prepare to speak at a national conference in my industry.

The icing on the cake was being asked to speak at another (larger) conference by one of my audience members. I also gained several new coaching clients from this one speaking engagement.


— Pam Andrews, CEO, Scholarship Shark

I nailed it again!!! This was my second presentation in the last month where I used the framework and the feedback form. It made all the difference in converting clients.

After both recent events, I had individuals tell me to contact them because they are a part of another group where they want me to speak, I sold plenty of products (making both of these free events no longer free), and from the first event, I gained several new college coaching clients. That one session to develop my framework has yielded an immediate return.


I loved working with Carol, she was so informative and helpful transforming my presentation that I use for weight loss workshops from dull and teetering on boring to fun and educational. I have presented it a number of times now and have a very high close rate of people signing up for our weight loss program. I have also received thank-yous and compliments each time I have presented it. I know I am changing people’s lives with this info and I am so grateful to Carol for helping me present it in a more fun and engaging way.”

— Emily Countryman, Ideal Wellness

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