Discover Your Speaker Archetype


We have a brand new 4 Speaker Archetypes quiz you can take to discover where you shine as a speaker along with recommendations on what you can add to your speeches and presentations to make them even better.


If you’re like me, you love to take personality tests to better understand yourself.

Enneagram, Kolbe, Myers-Brigg, DISC – I’ve taken them all! 

You’ll have fun answering multiple-choice questions like: You get invited to speak at the conference of your dreams! What is it and where do you go?

It takes just a few minutes to answer the 10 questions and get your results.

Your answers will lead to one of 4 Speaker Archetypes I’ve identified after working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs like you over the years.

Knowing your archetype will help you to:

  • Create more impactful and memorable presentations
  • Market yourself as a speaker using your strengths
  • Try our recommendations to take your talks to the next level

Ready to find out your speaker archetype? Take the quiz by clicking here.

When you complete the 4 Speaker Archetypes quiz, you’ll get instant results emailed directly to you, FULL of valuable information such as:

  • How audiences experience you as a speaker.
  • How you WOW your audience.
  • What you might be leaving them wanting.
  • How you can leverage your natural abilities for greater success.
  • What some of your missed opportunities might be…and how to remedy them in a way that works with your personality!
  • …and other resources to help you create your signature talk and thought leadership platform, like I’ve helped hundreds of other high-performing, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs do!

You’ll also get these 2 BONUS materials tailored to your archetype:

  1. A customized podcast playlist that plays to your strengths and adds to the areas you want to develop
  2. A Thought Leadership Workbook to journey through exploration of your archetype

I am so honored to be on this journey with you – and excited to bring the 4 Speaker Archetypes to women across the world for free.

As a lifelong learner (my Master’s is in History with a focus on Women and Gender Studies), I’ve come to value archetypes as a powerful way to activate self-awareness and achieve greater growth.

Archetypes are like containers holding ideas of universal truth (or experience) across humanity. When we combine our personal experiences with those we learn through archetypes, we have more knowledge and insight to work with to have relationships and work that we love.

It’s also true that being part of something mystic (or unseen or collective) can activate deep wells of creativity in ourselves. And how essential creativity really is in the creation of our best selves and lives!

If you get inspired, you may drop me an email and let me know what your archetype is…and I’ll reply telling you mine!

~ Carol


Want to Know More About Speaking Your Brand?


Orlando's Women of the Year Carol Cox


As founder and CEO of Speaking Your Brand ® I’ve developed a proven and unique framework called the Signature Talk Canvas® that we’ve used with hundreds of clients over the past 5 years.


This structure enables you to take all of your expertise and knowledge AND bring in personal stories, client examples, audience engagement, humor and more, so you can really WOW your audience.

I have a Master’s degree in History (with a focus on Women and Gender Studies) from Emory University and nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by books (written by women!) and doing research.

Yet I’ve experienced what happens when I integrate personal stories and lessons into my talks and take the audience on a journey of discovery. 


Here’s How to Go Further:


Check out my weekly podcast called Speaking Your Brand. Whether you want to craft a business presentation, a keynote, a workshop, or a TEDx talk, you’ll learn how to create compelling content, pitch conferences and organizations, and persuasively communicate your message to your audience. Listen here.

Connect with me on LinkedIn. I share tidbits, observations, lessons, and stories several times a week. Connect here. Let me know you came from the quiz!

Apply to join our Thought Leader Academy. This is our signature program for women like you to get the expert coaching (group and 1:1), support, accountability, and community you need to take your speaking to the next level. Learn more.

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