Strategy Session

Become a Better Speaker

Whether you need help with your message, preparation, delivery, or a visibility plan, we'll work together to help you become a better speaker.

During our 90-minute Zoom call, we can strategize about any of the questions below or discuss other topics related to speaking and messaging.

→ You'll walk away with a plan, clarity, focus, an audio recording of the call, and a written transcript of the call.

  • What is your unique message?

    Do you have a hard time explaining to people what you do so they “get” it right away? Are you not sure what’s truly unique about your brand? Is your business getting lost amidst the noise?

  • How can you get the most out of every speaking engagement?

    We can talk about the content you’re presenting, to make sure it aligns with your value proposition, as well as the offer you’re making, so that the audience is primed to want to work with you.

  • What message will best resonate with the audiences you want to reach?

    Do you have a clear picture of the problem you’re helping your audience solve and are you communicating it in their language? We can work on identifying your core message.

  • How can you improve your presentation to make it more persuasive and engaging?

    If you have an existing presentation, we can go over the key parts of it, especially the closing and audience engagement, to make sure it achieves your goals.

If you've never done a strategy session, it's all focus, no fluff. We'll work on what you need the most help with.

A client recently said, "I've done more in one session with you than I have by myself in the past year." That's how powerful it is to work out your ideas with someone else.

Another client said: "Thank you for the amazing coaching you provided me. You really pulled out some key concepts and I know this is going to help me with share my message in so many different avenues. I even used some of the things we talked about on a consult call and landed a new client the same day!"

Get started on the next step in your speaking journey.

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    90-minute Zoom session.
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Carol’s deep business background, media training, speaking experience and time in the classroom make her the perfect speaking coach. I am so grateful for Carol’s expertise and coaching in crafting my signature talk.Natalie Eckdahl

Natalie Eckdahl, Founder,
Natalie Eckdahl, BizChix

Carol’s help with my presentation was invaluable! Through her process, we were able to clarify the message I needed to share with my audience. Then she helped me to organize my presentation in a way that resonated with all in attendance. Because of this help, I was offered several additional speaking opportunities and even a job as an adjunct professor! If you want to change the world with your message, Carol is the lady who will get you there!Heather Ryan

Heather Ryan
Heather Ryan, former NCIS special agent

Hi, I’m Carol Cox, the Creator of Speaking Your Brand

I help entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders excavate their stories, define their core message, and create a breakthrough brand and signature talk that grows your business and your influence. In addition to running Speaking Your Brand, I teach business and marketing classes at a university, and during election seasons, serve as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. I have also started two software businesses, whose clients have included Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and start-ups, municipalities, community organizations, and political candidates. I hold a Master’s degree in women’s and gender history and love to talk politics, history, and international relations. Hmmm, sounds like I need to go work at the U.N. 🙂

Have questions? Email me at