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You need a Signature Talk that reflects your vision + viewpoint + voice and moves your audience to action.

We help you craft a Signature Talk that:

  • Positions you as an expert and a leader.
  • Builds your credibility and influence.
  • Keeps your audience interested and engaged.
  • Gets you real results from your speaking engagements.

Success Stories

We’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs and executives create their powerful Signature Talk.

“I delivered my newly created keynote and received $15,000 in sales directly from my presentation the first time I gave it. This was not by accident: we had worked together with the end in mind knowing what I would be offering and crafted a keynote that would not only be valuable to the audience but create a seamless transition to the offer.”

– Amber De La Garza

Over 1.6 million views on

From our first consult call, Tammy Lally’s powerful insights into talking honestly and openly about “money shame” so moved me that I knew her message was an idea worth spreading.

The immediate and dramatic reactions from reviewers let us know that the work we had done together would get results.

Her TEDxOrlando talk was so well received that it was selected by the TED organization to be showcased on their main website. Since August 2018, Tammy’s talk has had over 1.6 million views.

Success. Tammy, is changing lives!

"Carol’s process of storytelling is compassionate and smart. With her guidance, I was able to take my story and turn it into a powerful idea worth spreading on the TEDx stage. We all need people to guide us to our greatness. Carol is one of those people."

Tammy Lally