Should You Give an Instructional or an Inspirational Talk with Carol Cox: Podcast Ep. 055

Should You Give an Instructional or an Inspirational Talk with Carol Cox Podcast Ep. #55

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Should you give an instructional or an inspirational talk?

You probably think I’m going to say that the answer is “It depends,” but I’m not.

I think the real question behind this question is you want to know what kind of content to present to the audience.

You’re not sure if they want to learn specific strategies and tactics and how-to’s (instructional) or if they want what we would call a motivational speaker (inspirational).

You want to make sure the audience is happy and has their expectations met, and, yes, you need to provide relevant content that’s valuable to them.

But, I also want the speaking engagement to have an ROI for you – to clearly connect to your business so that the audience understands what you do, who you do it for, and how you help them get specific results.

In this episode, I share what many speakers and workshop facilitators are missing and how you can integrate this critical piece into your presentations.

I also explain 6 types of presentations and what goes into each one.

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