Why You Need a Signature Talk for Your Business: Podcast Ep. 025

On the Speaking Your Brand podcast: Why you need a signature talk for your business

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What opportunities are you missing out on because you don’t have a signature talk?

In this episode, I share why having a signature talk is critical for your business and your personal brand, including examples of what makes a great signature talk.

With a signature talk, you become the go-to expert and thought leader for your topic and industry.

You establish your personal brand and business reputation.

You’re ready to accept speaking opportunities when they come your way, because you’re always prepared with a presentation that you can tweak and repurpose based on the particular audience, event, venue, and length of time.

When you sincerely and authentically empower others, they’ll want to share and refer you to others, and they will come to you to buy your product or service when they need help.

Having a signature talk, a presentation that you are comfortable with, that provides value to those in the audience, that you get better at each time you give it, will give you the confidence to get out there and share your message.

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  • What a signature talk is and what it isn’t
  • Why you need a signature talk for your business and your personal brand
  • How to figure out what your signature talk topic is
  • The difference between a training and a signature talk
  • Taking your personal story and universalizing it
  • Getting booked and paid to speak


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