The 3 C’s of Visibility: What It Takes to Get Known – Podcast Ep. 050

Visibility: What It Takes to Get Known - Carol Cox on the Speaking Your Brand podcast

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What does it take to get known? How can you become the “go to” person for what you do?

You know you need to be more visible in order to grow your business and network and to achieve your goals.

But, there’s a lot of noise out there: not only competition, but things competing for people’s attention AND people not being clear about what exactly you do, who you do it for, and the outcomes you get for them.

What you need are the 3 C’s of Visibility: Consistency, Courage, and Community (plus a bonus 4th C).

I share with you the ways to be consistent for it to make an impact; why being an advocate and standing up can get you known (but why it’s scary to do so); and why having support can make all the difference, including places we need to show up where we might not be right now (hand raised).

I do get on a bit of a soap box about why, as a society, we need you as a woman to be more visible and why you’re not the only one who benefits when you do.

At the end of the episode, I share with you the key visibility areas for me that significantly grew my revenue last year.

I encourage you to also listen to episode 45, where I go over four different visibility roadmaps you can use, depending on what stage your business is in, to identify where you should focus your time and efforts.

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  • Why you need visibility for your business
  • 3 C’s of Visibility = Consistency, Courage, Community
  • 3 ways you need to be consistent
  • Examples from my own business about the impact of consistency
  • Why putting yourself out there and speaking up feels so vulnerable
  • The physiological effects of vulnerability
  • The ancestral memory we as women have of vulnerability
  • Why we need more women in positions of power and leadership
  • What those around you get from you being visible
  • Having allies and advocates
  • The 4th bonus C
  • The key visibility areas for me that significantly grew my revenue last year


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