Why Women Need to Speak Up and Roar with Sophia Eng: Podcast Ep. 040

Podcast Ep. #40: Why Women Need to Speak Up and Roar with Sophia Eng

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Have you ever felt scared to say or publish something, but you knew you had to do it?

That’s what my guest Sophia Eng did a few months ago when she wrote and published Hear Us Roar: A Manifesto for Women and Minorities in Startup, Tech, and Business Communities.” She knew that if she wanted other women to speak up, she had to do it herself.

Sophia is a Growth Advisor and Founder of Women in Growth, a community dedicated to empowering women to grow businesses. She has been the driving force behind the revenue and user growth at Autodesk, Workday, and now InVision, as well as her own consulting agency using buyer psychology as the backbone of her strategies and insights.

Sophia champions female and minority inclusion in Silicon Valley, as one of the leaders of Women Supporting Women. Sophia has a special focus on empowering female entrepreneurs, as well as pushing the agenda for more in-depth studies on the unique psychology of female consumers.

In this episode, we talk about how men and women buy differently; what growth hacking is and how we can use it to grow our businesses; the need for more women to speak up in companies and on stages; finding allies; and much more.


  • How you should be targeting men and women customers differently
  • The importance of split testing your landing pages and Facebook ads for men and women
  • Tips for using growth hacking strategies, no matter what kind of business you have
  • How community is a key element of growth hacking and word of mouth is the best marketing
  • Finding allies to support you
  • The importance of speaking up, even if it’s frightening, in order to start a conversation that will elicit change


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Sophia’s article Hear Us Roar: A Manifesto for Women and Minorities in Startup, Tech, and Business Communities”


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