What It Takes to Do a TEDx Talk with Tammy Lally: Podcast Ep. 024


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What does it take to do a TEDx talk? In short, a lot of work!

But, as my guest and client Tammy Lally talks about in this episode, the process was tremendously rewarding and transformational.

Tammy and I talk about the process we went through to create the talk, how she prepared for it, what it was like to be on the TEDx stage, what she learned about herself, how she opened the talk, and much more.

About My Guest: In her work as a Certified Money Coach and Financial Planner, Tammy Lally helps couples and individuals achieve financial health and freedom. Since 2009, her ability to help clients succeed is based on her leading edge knowledge and unique approach. She assists them in digging in, questioning, and owning their money beliefs and behaviors and the impact they have on their financial, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.


  • Tammy had the intention to do a TEDx talk in 2017
  • The importance of finding a good coach
  • Determining what part of your story to tell
  • Learning about yourself through the preparation process
  • Tammy’s opening line and powerful story
  • How your money autobiography determines your spending habits
  • The benefits of meditation
  • The process of preparation
  • What it feels like to deliver a TEDx talk

Watch Tammy’s TEDx talk at https://www.ted.com/talks/tammy_lally_let_s_get_honest_about_our_money_problems?



Tammy’s website = http://tammylally.com/

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