How Speaking Can Grow (or Derail) Your Business with Amber De La Garza: Podcast Ep. 043

Podcast Ep. #43: How Speaking Can Grow (or Derail) Your Business with Amber De La Garza

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Get ready for a fun and lively conversation! We get into the nitty-gritty of speaking in this episode: how to make sure that the speaking opportunities you say yes to are helping you reach  your goals and grow your business vs. derailing you.

My guest Amber De La Garza is a productivity specialist, so we also talk about productivity tips for us as speakers and entrepreneurs. I even ask her to help me with a productivity struggle – and you’ll be surprised by her recommendation (I was!).

Amber shares with us what the National Speakers Association does and how it has helped her in her speaking journey.

We also talk about what it takes to get paid big money for keynotes – and why you may not want to go down that path.

About My Guest: Amber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist! Amber is a sought-after coach, trainer, speaker, writer, and the host of the Productivity Straight Talk podcast. She helps entrepreneurs take consistent, massive, focused action in business and equips them with the specific techniques needed to reduce stress, increase profits, make more time for what matters most, and achieve their vision of success.


  • How you can reach your business goals without being a keynote speaker (and why it may even be better)
  • How being involved with her local chapter of the National Speakers Association has helped Amber on her speaking journey
  • Why content isn’t received the same way in all audiences and how important it is to know your audience
  • The difference between organization and productivity
  • How to create a calendar that supports natural energy flows for ultimate productivity
  • The right way to network at networking events to create opportunities (like being a podcast guest)
  • Productivity tips, and why it’s ok to say no


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