Finding Your Presentation’s Spine & Why It Absolutely Needs One with Joanna Sapir [Coaching]: Podcast Ep. 060

[Coaching] Finding Your Presentation's Spine & Why It Absolutely Needs One with Joanna Sapir: Podcast Ep. #60

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Do you feel like you have so much you want to share in your presentations that you’re not sure what to keep, what to exclude, and how to streamline it?

Or, are you afraid that you’re giving away too much valuable information?

In this on-air coaching call, I help business strategist Joanna Sapir simplify her presentation content, so that it’s more useful for her audience AND gets her better results for her business.

Your presentation needs a spine, a clear focus that you can hang all of your points and examples onto. Otherwise, your audience can get confused and overwhelmed, leaving them less likely to want to buy from you.

Your presentation content – the spine – should reflect your unique approach and how you work with your clients.

Listen in to this coaching call as I dig into who Joanna’s clients are, what they need the most help with, and the a-ha moment when we identify her presentation’s spine.

Joanna is an expert at what she does and has a deep background in sales, so you’ll not only hear how we pinpoint exactly what she can center her presentation content around, but you’ll also get some sales tips you can use.

We’re doing something a little different with this coaching call episode. You’ll hear me pop in from time to time to point out key things you can do for your own presentations, so let me know what you think of this format.

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About My Guest: Joanna Sapir has been a teacher and coach her whole life from the classroom to the gym floor and now to small businesses across the world as a Business Strategist and Coach. After founding, growing, and then selling a fitness and health coaching business, she shifted her focus to helping other service-providers – like consultants, coaches, and health/wellness professionals –  with the structure, support and actionable steps to build successful and sustainable businesses. She is a competitive Olympic-style Weightlifter, the mother of two redheaded teenagers, and lives in a co-housing community in Northern California.

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