How to Develop the Shape of Your Framework for Your Presentations with Coryne Forest [Coaching] - Podcast Ep. 079

How to Develop the Shape of Your Framework for Your Presentations with Coryne Forest [Coaching] – Podcast Ep. 079

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In this on-air coaching call, you’ll hear how my guest Coryne Forest and I create the visual shape of her framework to use in her presentations.

In episode 61, you learned how developing your own framework can be a game changer for not only your presentations but also your business.

Many listeners have told me how impactful that episode was for them. They’ve even shared sketches of their frameworks in the Speaking Your Brand Facebook group (get access at

In this episode, you are truly a fly on the wall as you’ll hear Coryne and I brainstorm what her framework should look like (a circle, triangle, rectangle, etc.) based on how she helps her coaching clients. We come up with a really unique shape that at a glance shows the key elements and outcomes.

Want to know what her framework ends up looking like? Listen until the end!

Need help developing your framework? This is part of what we work on together when creating your signature talk. Get the details, sign up, or schedule a free consult call with me at

About My Guest: Coryne Forest is the Deputy Director for Organization Development for an Army R&D Center and the owner of Forest Leadership Solutions. She is a writer, speaker, workshop facilitator and coach for women with STEM careers. With over 30 years of tech and leadership experience, Coryne’s vision is to change the technical landscape the technical landscape so that there are more women in senior leadership positions that are rockin’ it in all aspects of their life.

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