Where Are They Now? Updates from Past On-Air Coaching Guests: Podcast Ep. 099 | Speaking Your Brand

Where Are They Now? Updates from Past On-Air Coaching Guests: Podcast Ep. 099

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You’ve heard their on-air coaching calls – and now you get to hear what they’ve been up to since their coaching call.

You know that I love leaving my guests and clients with action items and homework.

As a speaking coach, I want you to take what we do together and get results, so you can gain more confidence, get better results from speaking, and someday soon stand on your dream stage and deliver the message you know will have an impact.

Putting yourself out there isn’t easy and doing an on-air coaching call isn’t either! A huge thank you and congratulations to these women for sharing their updates with us.

See if you can spot the themes – I’ll pull them together in the outro, along with some action items for you (of course!).

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Appearing in order in this episode:

Jodi Flynn is founder of Women Taking the Lead and host of the “Women Taking the Lead” podcast. Jodi was on episode 26: Specific Strategies to Improve Your Presentations.

Dr. Carmen Landrau is a cardiologist and sought-after speaker. Carmen was on episode 29: Networking the Right Way to Find Speaking Opportunities.

Pam Andrews is founder of The Scholarship Shark and host of “The Scholarship Shark” podcast. Pam was on episode 48: Strategy Session to Get Visible.

Kimberly O’Brien is founder of Quirky Kid and host of the “Impressive” podcast for parents. Kimberley was on in episode 64: Show, Don’t Just Tell, Your Audience How You’re Different.

April Caldwell is a Money Coach and Financial Planner. April was on in episode 74: Increase Conversions at Your Speaking Engagements.

Anne Torrez is founder of Tri It Your Way, coaching for athletes. Anne was on in episode 80: Connecting Your Why with What Makes Your Approach Unique.

Wendy Zanders is a professional home organizer and founder of Functional Organizing with Wendy. Wendy was on in episode 84: Less Is More: Developing Your Visibility Strategy.

Stacey Ogden is founder of Side Hustle Moms and host of the “Side Hustle Moms” podcast. Stacey was on in episode 86: How to Generate Leads From Your Podcast.

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