Connecting Your Why with What Makes Your Approach Unique with Anne Torrez [Coaching] - Podcast Ep. 080

Connecting Your Why with What Makes Your Approach Unique with Anne Torrez [Coaching] – Podcast Ep. 080

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Do you know what makes your approach and process unique?

As a speaker and entrepreneur – whether you’re a coach, consultant, strategist, trainer, therapist, or other type of business owner – your methodology and philosophy are important components of what you do.

In this on-air coaching call, I help my guest Anne Torrez find what makes her coaching approach unique, so she can better articulate her brand message, whether she’s speaking to a group, being interviewed on a podcast, or talking with a prospective client.

We go deep to dig out what’s important to Anne and to find her why, which carries over into the work she does with her clients and why her clients like working with her.

You’ll hear us brainstorm to come up with Anne’s brand statement: “I help [target audience] do [this] so they can [get these results].”

As you listen, think about your why and what your brand statement could be.

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About My Guest: After completing her first triathlon as a way to improve her health, Coach Anne Torrez was hooked for the long haul. Finding a sport she was passionate about changed not only Anne’s physical health, but also drastically improved her mental and emotional outlook. Today, Anne helps runners, cyclists and triathletes all over the country to become the best athletes they can be, by creating individualized training programs that focus on consistent improvement and steady progress. Anne loves working with both beginners to help them enter the racing world confidently, as well as with experienced athletes who want to achieve the next level of competitive performance. As a wife, mom of two young kids, athlete and business owner, Anne understands how to juggle serious training with a busy lifestyle and works with each athlete to create an individualized program that will bring success in the context of real life.

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