Networking the Right Way: Save Time and Find Speaking Opportunities with Dr. Carmen Landrau [Coaching]: Podcast Ep. 029

Carmen Landrau on the Speaking Your Brand Podcast

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Are you spending time going to networking events and not feeling like you’re getting enough out of them?

There’s a way to approach networking that can get you better results and save you time.

In this on-air coaching episode, my guest Dr. Carmen Landrau and I strategize ways she can network more effectively, from which groups to attend to who to say yes to for coffee or lunch (and how to politely get out of the ones you don’t want to say yes to!).

We also talk about Carmen’s background as a medical doctor and how she learned to navigate a very male-dominated industry and now speaks to professional women to help them know their worth and ask for what they want.

About My Guest: Carmen W. Landrau, MD is a board certified physician who specializes in cardiology and is a professional keynote speaker who uses her experience navigating a male-dominated and hierarchical career to empower other women to obtain better life balance by sharing techniques that help them understand how to best use their skills, get support and manage their time efficiently.  Dr. Landrau completed her medical training at Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, followed by a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in cardiology at The University of Texas Medical School in Houston. Dr. Landrau has been featured in H Texas Magazine, recognized among Houston’s Top Doctors, and is a contributor to online journals.


  • The challenges women who grow up in patriarchal cultures face
  • The importance of strong female role models
  • Networking strategies to save time and find speaking opportunities
  • Creating your own local group for women business owners
  • Finding conferences to speak at and tips for speaking proposals
  • And much more!


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