Push Past Your Speaking Plateau: Podcast Ep. 118

Push Past Your Speaking Plateau: Podcast Ep. 118 | Speaking Your Brand

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In today’s episode, we’re talking about hitting a plateau, why it happens, the danger of staying there, and how to get past one. I share some of my own experiences plus give you specific strategies you can use.

The definition of plateau is to reach a state or level of little or no growth or decline, especially to stop increasing or progressing; remain at a stable level of achievement; level off (from Dictionary.com).

Notice the word “achievement”.

Just because you’re at a plateau doesn’t mean you’re not a good speaker – or entrepreneur or writer or podcaster. You’re achieving – getting speaking engagements, getting good feedback.

But, you’re not getting the same results you used to for the same effort.

You’re at a place where there’s little to no growth, you’re no longer progressing, you’ve hit a point that you’re not going beyond.

It’s ok to be here for a little while – sometimes we need to coast a little on our achievements, take a breather.

But, not for too long because we can lose momentum and motivation, get stagnant, and not achieve what IS possible for us.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why we plateau and get stuck
  • Times when I’ve reached a plateau
  • Strategies you can use to get past your plateau to uplevel your skillset and mindset
  • What I believe is necessary for us to shift to get past a plateau


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About Us: The Speaking Your Brand podcast is hosted by Carol Cox. At Speaking Your Brand, we help women entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature talks and gain more visibility to achieve their goals. Our mission is to get more women in positions of influence and power: on stages, in businesses, on boards, in the media, in politics, and in our communities. Check out our coaching programs at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com.



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Apply for our new “Master Your Speaking” online group program at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com/mastery.

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