Visibility Works: From Local Speaking to to a Book with Tammy Lally – Podcast Ep. 091

Visibility Works: From Local Speaking to to a Book with Tammy Lally - Podcast Ep. 091

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How does a visibility strategy actually work?

What does it look like to grow your business and your personal brand through speaking? What are the steps you can take?

This episode is truly a case study in what happens when you show up consistently and put yourself out there with courage and conviction.

Over the course of the past couple of years, my guest and client Tammy Lally went from speaking for free at local groups and the library to sharing her message on a TEDx stage to the national TED organization posting her talk on the home page (which is huge – it has over a million views now!) to writing a book that she recently published.

The results? Knowing that her message is reaching more people, an influx of clients, and new opportunities for collaboration and bigger, paid speaking engagements.

If you know people can benefit from your message and content but you’re feeling uncertain as to what to do next, tap into your local community for both visibility and support. Tammy and I talk about how she did that and you’ll get ideas you can use too.

Do you need help figuring out your visibility steps to achieve your speaking and business goals? Sign up for a strategy session.

If you want to give a TEDx talk and need help putting together the idea to apply to speak or if you’ve already been selected and need to create the talk itself, my team is here for you. We help you find your one core idea that’s an idea worth spreading and then we work with you to create the talk, word by word, line by line. It’s an intense process but incredibly rewarding, as you’ll hear Tammy talk about in this episode. Email me at to learn more.

Right now, I’m coaching several of the speakers for the TEDxOrlando event that’s at the end of October 2018. We’re busily editing and finalizing the scripts (8 minutes is not a lot of time so we really have to stay on the core idea). It’s a lot of fun for me, not so sure for the speakers right now, but I know they’ll have fun once they’re done. 🙂


About My Guest: Tammy Lally is a Certified Money Coach, TED speaker, and author of “Money Detox.” She helps others master their finances by first conquering their emotions around money, then by creating a comprehensive financial plan. Tammy has over 17 years of experience in the financial industry and 27 years of study in psychology, addiction, recovery, and spirituality. Tammy brings a distinctive blend of financial industry experience, psychological knowledge, and spiritual consciousness to her work. She offers a compassionate approach to money and money shame, which is truly powerful in helping her clients achieve transformative outcomes. Tammy created her signature “Money Detox” process, a seven-step journey that allows anyone to achieve financial freedom and joy.


The Speaking Your Brand podcast is hosted by Carol Cox. At Speaking Your Brand, we help women entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature talks and gain more visibility to achieve their goals. Our mission is to get more women in positions of influence and power: on stages, in businesses, on boards, in the media, in politics, and in our communities. Check out our coaching programs and workshops at



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