What I’ve Learned about Being a Leader [Leadership Series]: Podcast Ep. 144

What I've Learned about Being a Leader [Leadership Series] | Speaking Your Brand

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We’re continuing our podcast series on Leadership: what does it mean to be a leader for your audience, your clients, your community, and yourself.

In this episode, I share key lessons I’ve learned, including around a recent business decision.

To me, being a leader means helping others navigate change, to move from initial resistance and discomfort to understanding, acceptance, and enthusiasm to take new action. 

As humans, we tend to resist change out of self-protection (fear of the unknown) and desire to keep the status quo (“don’t fix what’s not broken”).

At times, this serves us well.

However, progress, innovation, and success require change.

And it’s leaders like you who make it happen.

Listen in for strategies you can use to be a more impactful speaker and leader.

This episode is part of our podcast series on Leadership, episodes 141-145.


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