The Cure for Vulnerability Hangovers with Carol Cox [Use Your Voice Series]: Podcast Ep. 192

The Cure for Vulnerability Hangovers with Carol Cox [Use Your Voice Series]: Podcast Ep. 192 | Speaking Your Brand

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Have you ever had a vulnerability hangover?

I know I have, including just last month, along with other times this year after recording particular podcast episodes or writing emails to our list.

A vulnerability hangover is that feeling of regret or uncertainty after you share something that’s personal or something that could be considered controversial.

I’ve been thinking about vulnerability hangovers as we’re preparing the speakers for our virtual summit that’s coming up live on October 15.

I’m in awe of the emotional resonance of the personal stories they’re sharing and the journeys they’re going to take us on.

I know it’s not easy to open yourself up like that, so in this episode I share six strategies you can use to lessen the impact of vulnerability hangovers.

You may have guessed that there is no “cure” other than not being vulnerable in the first place. You may save yourself a hangover, but you – and your audience – will lose out on the benefits of being vulnerable.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What a vulnerability hangover is and why we feel them
  • The benefits of being vulnerable for both you and your audience
  • 6 specific strategies you can use to lessen vulnerability hangovers

I’d love to hear if you have other strategies you use! Email me at or connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn.

This episode is the last in our podcast series called Use Your Voice.

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