Reimagining Our Businesses, Industries, and Public Speaking with Carol Cox and Diane Diaz: Podcast Ep. 166

Reimagining Our Businesses, Industries, and Public Speaking with Carol Cox and Diane Diaz: Podcast Ep. 166 | Speaking Your Brand

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We’ve been hosting virtual office hours on Zoom for our clients and it’s been so good to chat, commiserate about the situation we’re all in, and talk about strategies for our businesses.

One of the women remarked that she appreciated coming on because none of us was in a state of fear. 

Instead, we’re focused on how we can meet our clients and audiences where they’re at and innovate around our businesses.

We’re all in a state of uncertainty right now about our businesses, our industries, our communities, the economy, plus the health crisis itself.

We can get tunnel vision – and when that happens it gets hard to see beyond either what you’ve always done or what’s possible.

This pandemic and the economic fallout is going to affect the speaking and events business (it already has), which means it’s also going to affect my business, Speaking Your Brand, too.

I’m an optimist by nature, with a strong dash of realism and practicality, so I know whatever changes happen, it will be ok.

Join me and Diane Diaz for an honest and real conversation about:

  • What we learned from our improv class and how we’re all improving right now
  • How the pandemic will impact Speaking Your Brand’s business, offerings, marketing, and sales
  • The future of public speaking and events
  • Reimagining our business and industry, even society and government
  • Exercises for how you can reimagine your business and industry
  • How we can innovate with online events to make them more useful and interesting
  • The revenue model around webinars and virtual events (can you charge for webinars?)

About Us: The Speaking Your Brand podcast is hosted by Carol Cox, joined by our top speaking coach Diane Diaz. At Speaking Your Brand, we help women entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature talks and gain more visibility to achieve their goals. Our mission is to get more women in positions of influence and power: on stages, in businesses, on boards, in the media, in politics, and in our communities. Check out our coaching programs at



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