A Feminist Approach to Public Speaking with Carol Cox: Podcast Ep. 163

A Feminist Approach to Public Speaking with Carol Cox: Podcast Ep. 163 | Speaking Your Brand

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As I’ve worked with nearly 200 women over the past few years, I’ve seen how the same things trip us up, as well as what liberates us as women – our voices and our stories. 

Have you ever attended an event, heard a speaker, and thought, “I could give just as good as, if not a better, presentation. Why am I not up there?”

Have you ever shied away from submitting to speak at a conference or pitching yourself for a paid workshop because you don’t feel like you’re expert enough?

Lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, the critical inner voice can all prevent us from putting ourselves out there or from talking about what we really want to talk about.

I’ve been a self-proclaimed feminist since high school and have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in women’s history and gender studies.

Yet, until recently, I haven’t seen how feminism applies to how we show up as speakers.

In this episode, I’m sharing the beginnings of a feminist framework I’m developing around public speaking.

Being a feminist speaker has nothing to do with your content – you don’t have to be talking about feminist theory or only to women.

It’s about truly finding our voices as women that have been buried under the scripts we think we’re supposed to act from – and making room for the voices that haven’t had opportunities to be heard.

It’s about relationship and connection, equality and liberation.

Listen in to hear 3 ways you can start adopting a feminist approach to your speaking now.

I’ll do a future episode where I dig more into the feminist framework I’m developing, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast.

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