Producing Live Events to Showcase Your Business & Brand with Renee Warmack: Podcast Ep. 052

Producing Live Events to Showcase Your Business & Brand with Renee Warmack: Podcast Ep. #52

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Have you thought about creating and hosting your own in-person event, whether it’s a monthly meetup, a panel discussion related to your industry, or a full conference?

Or, if you’ve hosted your own event, but felt like your business and personal brand didn’t get as much exposure as you would have liked (probably because you were busy running around taking care of everything!), you’ll learn what to do instead.

My guest, Renee Warmack, and I talk about how to create an event that’s a win-win-win for everyone involved: the content provides value to the audience, the panelists/speakers are showcased, AND your message and brand come through too.

Renee is an expert at putting on live events, so we talk about coming up with a topic/theme, how to select good panelists and speakers, the structure/agenda of the event, and how to end the event strong (really important!).

Renee also shares with us her 4-step process for making big changes in your life.

Download Episode 052 Top 5 Takeaways PDF.

About My Guest: Renee Warmack, MPA, is a producer, speaker and coach who creates positive change in the world through inspirational movies and events; motivational talks; and helping others claim their power and capture their dreams.


  • How women can take action and claim their power
  • Strategies to produce live events and weave your services into that event
  • Why it’s important to prepare your speakers and how to communicate expectations
  • Best practices for vetting your speakers
  • The importance of connecting with your audience in person to supplement social spaces like Facebook groups

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Download Episode 052 Top 5 Takeaways PDF.

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