Podcast Ep. #36: Creating a Business for Change with Geraldine Carter

Creating a Business for Change with Geraldine Carter: Podcast Ep. 036

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Business can be a vehicle for social impact and positive change. But, oftentimes, entrepreneurs who see themselves as changemakers can get tripped up with money blocks, trusting their idea, and figuring out how to turn their idea into tangible growth.

That’s where my guest Geraldine Carter comes in. As co-founder of Climate Ride, she grew the organization from an idea to a seven-figure budget and she now coaches changemaking entrepreneurs. She was even mentioned (by name!) by Seth Godin in one of his TED talks.

In this episode, Geraldine and I discuss her background and early adventures traveling the world, the impetus for creating Climate Ride, the struggles she sees changemaking entrepreneurs go through, and much more.

About My Guest: Geraldine Carter coaches courageous changemakers who are ready take their business to the next level. From co-founding Climate Ride in 2008 and scaling the socially-conscious company to a seven figure budget, to biking across southeast Asia on her own, to coaching entrepreneurs on how to achieve their own lofty goals, Geraldine loves finding practical, efficient solutions to seemingly complex challenges. After directly experiencing the value of outside perspective and mentorship, Geraldine has been sharing her 10+ years of business experience and mindfulness training, helping clients cut right to the core of any problem to design effective solutions. An ICF accredited Associate Certified Coach, Geraldine takes pride in challenging herself and her clients to reach higher and find bolder ways forward.


  • Geraldine’s travels around the world
  • Trusting your idea as a pioneer
  • Needing a map to point you in the right direction for your business
  • The money blocks many socially-minded entrepreneurs face and what to do about it


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