The Workshop

Learn How to Position, Pitch, and Promote Your Speaking to Get Higher Quality and Paid Gigs

Do you find yourself staring at a blank document when writing speaking proposals, struggling to figure out what to include and how to title your talks?

Are you not sure what to charge for your presentations and workshops? Do you wonder if you are undercharging but you don't know how to present and negotiate your fee?

Would you like to have speaking invitations come to you?

You've come to the right place!

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to position yourself as a speaker, you'll write compelling proposals you can start sending out, and you'll determine your speaking fees.

You do the work in our workshop!

You'll be all set for this year to monetize your speaking and add a revenue stream to your business.


LIVE Workshop on Zoom
Thursday, February 22, 2024
1-4 pm Eastern


What you want to do:

  • speak at higher-profile events and conferences
  • get paid to speak
  • raise your speaking fees
  • have speaking invitations come to you

Who this is ideal for:

  • women entrepreneurs & professionals who are speakers or want to do more speaking
  • you want to learn where to find speaking opportunities
  • you're not sure what to charge

Have you been asked to speak and have had one of these scenarios:

#1: The organization asks you for your speaking fee and you're not sure what to say.

#2: The organization says they don't have a budget and then you have to decide if you should speak for free or not.

#3: You quote a fee and the organization says 'yes' and now you're wondering if you charged too little.

You don't want to end up putting in a lot of work and not getting an ROI from your speaking engagements.

You want your speaking to have impact AND income.

This is what you're going to learn and work on in our Business of Speaking workshop.

Our mission is to develop more women thought leaders and prominent speakers. Speaking is one of the fastest, most impactful ways to build your credibility, your influence, your reach, and yes, your revenue.


The ROI of Working With Us

I learned how to reach out to companies and position myself as a paid speaker that they would want to bring in.

As a result of that outreach and updating my LinkedIn and website with what I learned, I have sent over $10,000 worth of speaking and training proposals.

At this moment, I have officially booked $4,000 and still in progress working out details with the others.

I applied for an out of state speaking opportunity, and whether I get it or not, I now have an understanding of what event organizers want and how to find those kind of opportunities, so that knowledge is so much more than just one event.

I'm evolving my business to include more ways for getting paid to speak. Before working with Speaking Your Brand, I had zero strategy for how to do this, whoever randomly asked invited me was my strategy, and it was usually unpaid. Now, I feel like I have the skillset and the confidence to make speaking a viable part of my revenue.


Sarah Lynn - Wallace-med

Sarah Lynn Wallace
Founder of Enneagram MBA, Speaker, Workshop
Facilitator, & Podcaster

What You'll Learn and Do in Our Hands-on Workshop:

  • Learn the key elements of compelling speaking proposals and how to title your talks.

  • Learn how to find speaking opportunities based on your goals, topics, and target audiences and start making a list.

  • Learn what typical speaking fees are and what you can charge based on your level of experience, topic, and audience.

  • Write your speaking proposals using our prompts and worksheets plus a little help from ChatGPT.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and speaker page to attract speaking invitations.

  • Get personalized feedback from us and the other participants in the workshop.

You Get
  • Live Group Zoom Call

    We meet LIVE on Zoom on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

    Time: 1-4 pm Eastern (10 am-1 pm Pacific)

    We'll be providing training; time for you to work on your speaking proposals, fees, speaker page, and LinkedIn profile; and you can ask questions and get feedback.

  • Expert Coaching & Feedback

    Benefit from our expert on-the-spot coaching and feedback during the workshop.

  • Workbook with Prompts & Examples

    You'll receive a PDF workbook with training resources, writing prompts, examples of speaking proposals, a fee chart, and how to find places to speak.

  • Event Prep Checklist

    You'll also receive our Event Prep Checklist PDF so you'll feel prepared before your speaking engagements.

  • Supportive Community

    Be a part of a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs and leaders who want to be of service to their clients and audience.

Get expert training and feedback


Workshop: $495

What Past Workshop Attendees Said:

I learned so much from this workshop. You did a great job outlining the different components of the business aspect of speaking. Finding speaking gigs, charging and what to offer clients. Thank you so much!

The workshop was very informative! I really appreciated having the workbook as a tool. The flow of the session (including time to complete the prompts in the workbook, time experimenting with ChatGPT, breaks) was perfect.

You do a GREAT job keeping us engaged, present, and learning. I feel like you truly want us to succeed so you are generous with your support, encouragement, and information sharing.

This was the best 3 hours spent learning!

Workshop Agenda

Welcome & Introductions

Key elements of compelling speaking proposals

Using ChatGPT to enhance your speaking proposals

Where to find places to speak and how to pitch

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and speaker page to attract speaking invitations

Speaking fees, what to charge, and how to negotiate

What Clients Have Said:

Teri DeLucca-med

I learned the business side of public speaking and have submitted proposals and pitched my talks and have had 2 paid speaking events now, totaling $10k.

I launched my speaker page and it is going really well. I have more events coming up!

— Teri DeLucca, EdD, Owner of Education Training Company


I'm a numbers person when it comes to investing in myself and here is the ROI I can share:

I booked 8 paid speaking engagements in one year and my average speaking fee was 5x more than it was prior to going through the program. I filled a workshop using their selling techniquesmaking multiple four figures in tickets.

— Angela Hosking,
Founder of Her One Tribe, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, & Author

Michelle Gyimah

I've always known that working on my speaking skills was a key part of my business that I needed to invest in. I've spent years listening to Carol's podcast.

The benefits from working with Speaking Your Brand have been immense. I've booked several paid talks.

— Michelle Gyimah, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator on the Gender Pay Gap in the U.K.


Working with Speaking Your Brand absolutely changed my business. More bookings and higher fees, plus clients now say ‘yes’ without a pause.

—  Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective®

Meet Your Coaches

Carol Cox

Carol Cox is the founder and CEO of Speaking Your Brand® and host of the Speaking Your Brand® podcast.

Carol speaks on thought leadership; women in politics & the public sphere; and values-based communication. During election seasons, she serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. Carol was named as one of Orlando's Women of the Year in 2021 and has been featured in Forbes. Carol has a Master's degree in History and lives in Orlando, FL.

Diane Diaz

Diane Diaz is our lead speaking coach with Speaking Your Brand® and co-facilitates our group programs.

Diane speaks regularly on personal branding, LinkedIn strategy, and women's empowerment. Diane has an extensive background in marketing and branding and is also an Ironman triathlete. Diane has a Master's in Business Administration and lives in Orlando, FL.