Expanding Your Personal Story into a Universal Message with Nicole Rochester, M.D.: Podcast Ep. 98 [Coaching]


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You may have had an experience, a situation, a life event that caused you to change how you looked at the world or led to a new understanding of how something is wrong and needs to be changed.

Your personal story can have a powerful impact on an audience.

But, for it to spark a movement, to cause others to change, to cause systems to change, you need to expand your personal story into a universal message.

This is especially true for TEDx talks and keynotes.

I had posted in the Speaking Your Brand Facebook group about a month ago looking for some willing participants to do on-air coaching calls. (Not a member? Join for free.)

My guest today, Dr. Nicole Rochester, sent me an email with her idea for a TEDx talk and I loved it.

Nicole is a physician (pediatrician by training) who left clinical medicine a year ago to launch a health advocacy and consulting company.

You’ll hear in this episode what prompted her to start her company and how that has led to her idea for a TEDx talk.

It was a pleasure talking with Nicole and you’ll hear the process we went through to take her personal story and expand it into a universal message. We come up with a really clear spine for her talk – and a single word that serves as a powerful metaphor for the change she wants to see and how it can happen.

UPDATE: Since our on-air coaching call, Nicole went on to be selected to do a TEDx talk! 

Article: “The Future of Healthcare: ‘The US ranks poorly because minorities and low-income individuals do not have equal access to health care’ with Dr. Nicole Rochester, CEO of Your GPS Doc, LLC”

There are so many interesting things that have happened to me since starting my company! One of the most interesting and exciting things was delivering a TEDx talk in March 2019 at TEDxGreatMills. Becoming a TEDx speaker had been on my bucket list. Over the course of 1 month, I went from being a guest on the Speaking Your Brand podcast, where I received on-air coaching regarding my topic idea, to applying and being accepted as a speaker! It all happened so fast and I am still in disbelief. Having the opportunity to share my thoughts about healthcare on a TEDx stage was magical and I look forward to continuing the dialogue.

About My Guest: Dr. Nicole T. Rochester is a board-certified pediatrician, Clinical Assistant Professor, and the CEO of Your GPS Doc, LLC, an innovative company that helps aging individuals, those with chronic illnesses, and their family caregivers navigate the healthcare system through education, empowerment, advocacy, speaking, and consulting. While helping to care for her late father, who had multiple chronic illnesses including dementia, Dr. Rochester witnessed the disjointed healthcare system from the other side of the stethoscope and gained invaluable insight into the plight of patients and their caregivers. On many occasions, it was only because of her medical expertise that her father received the care he needed and deserved. She realizes that most patients and families do not have access to this “inside knowledge” and has made it her personal mission to make this information widely available.


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