Carol Cox on the Speaking with Women Podcast: Telling Your Story on Stage


Carol Cox, founder of Speaking Your Brand, was on the Speaking with Women podcast hosted by Bibigi Haile.

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04:02 – Bibigi asks Carol about Speaking Your Brand and how she helps women share their message with the world.

06:50 – Carol shares how she got involved in politics and became the chairperson of her local Democratic Party at 30 years old.

12:03 – Carol explains the “Signature Talk Canvas” framework she created for Speaking Your Brand.

14:04 – We discuss the concept of the big idea and the four layers required to turn an idea into a reality.

19:11 – Bibigi asks Carol for tips on how to prepare for a first talk and what steps to take to succeed.

24:23 – We explore the importance of remuneration for speaking engagements, particularly for women.

29:22 – Carol shares why she believes this work is her zone of genius and why she’s the best person to do it.

31:46 – We conclude the interview with Carol offering advice to women who want to become more visible and share their message with the world

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