Book Writing and Using Your Book to Get Speaking Gigs with Julie Broad: Facebook LIVE Show #001

Book Writing and Using Your Book to Get Speaking Gigs with Julie Broad: Facebook LIVE Show #001

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Watch the Facebook Live video replay of my interview with Julie Broad of Book Launchers.

We talk about strategies for writing, publishing, and promoting your non-fiction book, including:

  • How important are the book title and chapter titles
  • What’s the best way to start the writing process
  • What to do if you feel like you have too much content for a book – or not enough
  • What do event organizers look for in a speaker with a book
  • How Julie has used her own book to get speaking engagements
  • When to publish Kindle vs. print vs. audio versions
  • And more

You’ll often see that speakers, especially the ones who speak often and at larger conferences and events, have written books.

Authoring a book has many benefits for your speaking career:

  • It gives you credibility to event organizers, making them more likely to invite you to speak (and pay you)
  • It provides you with speaking topics (you can pull from chapter titles)
  • You can sell books at the event or, even better, have the event organizer purchase a copy for every attendee as part of your speaking package

Imagine how good it would feel if by the end of this year (we’re already in Q4!), your book is outlined, partly or even mostly written, and you have a marketing and promotion plan.

And you’ll be ready to submit to speak at those bigger conferences and organizations.

Ready to get started on your book? Check out Book Launchers’ upcoming writer’s retreat November 1-3, 2018. Use the code “Carol” for $100 off the single pay option.


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