Behind the Scenes of My Presentation at BizChix Live, From Content to Slides to Delivery: Podcast Ep. 041

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In this episode, I take you behind the scenes of a presentation I recently gave at BizChix Live, a 3-day conference for women entrepreneurs.

The title was “Your Visibility Roadmap: Growing Your Business, Brand, and Influence.”

I talk about how I created the presentation itself, an overview of the content, how I prepared, and the feedback and results I got.

You’ll hear about the nightmare I had 2 nights before I was to speak (and what I learned from it!).

You’ll also hear the feedback I received from one of the attendees that stopped me in my tracks – something you need to hear too.

In a future episode, I’ll go over the visibility roadmaps from this presentation, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

Here’s a screenshot of some of my slides (notice the large images and not much text):

I mention in the episode that the quotes I included in the presentation were a big hit. Here they are:



  • How I got this speaking opportunity
  • How I decided on the content for my talk and what to include in it
  • The process I went through to create my talk (that you can use too)
  • Slide designs
  • How I prepared
  • Getting to know the audience beforehand
  • The importance of feeling comfortable in the venue
  • Customizing the presentation for the audience
  • The feedback and results I received


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