Mistakes Speakers Make That Turn Off Audiences: Podcast Ep. 228

Mistakes Speakers Make That Turn Off Audiences: Podcast Ep. 228

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Have you attended presentations, whether in person or online, where you get frustrated or bored? Perhaps even the thought has crossed your mind to walk out of the session or to close the Zoom window?

I know I’ve had those experiences as someone in the audience – and that’s definitely not something you want your audiences to experience when you’re the presenter.

As speakers, we want to deliver a really great experience, get excellent feedback, and get leads and clients.

How can you keep the audience interested and engaged and wanting to learn more from you?

There are 5 mistakes I see speakers make that turn off their audiences. 

In this episode, I’m going to share with you what those mistakes are AND what to do instead. This applies no matter the audience size and whether you’re presenting in person or online.

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