What It’s Like to be an Influencer with Jeanette Johnson: Podcast Ep. #53

What It’s Like to be an Influencer with Jeanette Johnson: Podcast Ep. 053

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What is it like to have over 1.25 million visits to your blog every year and over 250,000 followers on social media?

My guest is well-known fashion blogger Jeanette Johnson, who started her blog way back in 2010, before influencer marketing was a thing. Since then, her business and brand have skyrocketed and Jeanette has done lots for visibility: blogging, social media, TV, speaking, and now a book.

In this episode, we talk about the shifts in influencer marketing, how Jeanette makes decisions about what brands to work with, and what brands look for when partnering with someone.

Jeanette shares the online bullying she experienced in the first few years of her blog and how she dealt with it (it’s crazy to me how mean-spirited people can be!).

We also get into a discussion about the downsides of “fast fashion” and what good alternatives are if you want to make more conscious buying decisions while still enjoying clothes and fashion.

About My Guest: Jeanette Johnson is the creator of J’s Everyday Fashion, a budget-friendly, down-to-earth style blog that encourages women to have fun with fashion! With more than one million readers annually, Johnson’s blog is the winner of ShopStyle’s Best Everyday Style in 2016, and Sunshine Awards Orlando’s Blog of the Year in 2013 and 2015. She regularly appears on national morning show Daytime and speaks at blogging conferences and events. She continues her quest to help women find freedom with both their inner and outer beauty with her new book “J’s Everyday Fashion & Faith: Personal Style with Purpose” (Waterfall Press), which was recently profiled by InStyle Magazine.


  • How important authenticity is in order to be viewed as a leader in your industry
  • How our reputations become aligned with the brands and companies we choose to partner with
  • How being consistent with your social media posting creates trust with your audience
  • Why your blog is your portfolio and why it’s important to update it consistently to show you are committed and will deliver on promises you makes with brands or companies
  • The importance of video on Facebook and where to start if you aren’t ready to dive in with Facebook Live
  • Tips on what to wear for your presentations and speaking engagements


Visit Jeanette’s website at https://jseverydayfashion.com

Jeanette’s blog post on “Is This The Next Big Trend? Why Fast Fashion And Fair Trade Are Not Your Only Choices”

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