Advocating for What You Want for Yourself and Others with Nicole Tisdale [Leadership Series]: Podcast Ep. 141

Advocating for What You Want for Yourself and Others with Nicole Tisdale [Leadership Series]: Podcast Ep. 141 | Speaking Your Brand

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We’re kicking off a new podcast series on Leadership: what does it mean to be a leader for your audience, your clients, your community, and yourself.

You’re going to love the stories and strategies that my guest, Nicole Tisdale, shares.

Her story of literally running down a Congressman to ask him for a job is incredible – and shows the power of an “elevator pitch” (or, in this case, the Capitol Hill subway pitch).

I had to ask Nicole where she got the confidence to go after what she wants – and you’ll hear what she answers.

Nicole first contacted me earlier this year after listening to episode 98 with Dr. Nicole Rochester and her work that she’s doing to improve the doctor-patient-caregiver relationship.

Nicole said she wanted to shout through the podcast during that episode to tell Dr. Nicole what she could do to get policies enacted, something most of us never think about doing.

We also talk about women in politics, how Nicole approaches her speaking engagements, and why she decided to write a book.

Nicole has a fascinating and impressive background: she worked on Capitol Hill for 10 years as a high-ranking staffer, with a focus on issues related to national security. 

Nicole recently started her own company to help organizations and individuals learn how to advocate for themselves, whether it’s in Congress, your state legislature, or local city council.


About My Guest: Nicole Tisdale, principal of Advocacy Blueprints, works with individuals and organizations who are eager to accelerate policy issues, increase advocacy efforts, and create changes in their organizations and communities. Nicole’s passion is making government accessible to all. During her ten-year tenure on the US House Committee on Homeland Security, Nicole developed a strong proficiency in handling congressional investigations of the Executive Branch and the private sector by mastering congressional process and procedure. 

Serving as the former Director of Intelligence and Counterterrorism and the Director of Outreach and Coalitions for members and staff, she helped to advance the Committee’s outreach efforts by creating strategic partnerships between the private sector and the Committee in an effort to harness support for legislation and oversight for national security efforts. Her book, “Right To Petition: A Practical Guide to Creating Change in Government with Political Advocacy Tools and Tips,” is already a political reference bestseller and has received numerous excellent reviews, as the first of its kind. 

Nicole received both her Juris Doctorate (’09) and Bachelors of Art (’06) from the University of Mississippi. 

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