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How I Created My Podfest Presentation [Training]: Podcast Ep. 003

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In this episode of the Speaking Your Brand podcast, I’m taking you behind the scenes as I deconstruct the key elements of the presentation I recently gave at Podfest Multimedia Expo, which is a podcasting conference.

I’ll do the speech for you (it’s less than 7 minutes) and then I’ll deep dive into why I chose this topic, explain the structure I used, as well as the key points and the opening and closing.

You’ll learn about 3-act structure, the rule of 3, using humor and inspiration, and the call back.

You can download the free PDF that gives you the framework here.

The title of the presentation is “Zebras, Chameleons, and Peacocks: Speaking Your Brand in Our New Media Age.” Which are you? Which should you be? (You may be surprised!)

The presentation I gave is called a Pecha Kucha talk. The format for a Pecha Kucha is 20 slides x 20 seconds each (so the entire presentation is only 6 minutes and 40 seconds). You can view the slides at the end of post.

The slides automatically transition every 20 seconds, so you have to know your script really well (I memorized mine) and be able to make a single point in 20 seconds, while also ensuring that all of the slides fit together in an overall cohesive message.

I like the Pecha Kucha style – it’s fun and challenging!

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