Mastering Your Speaking Style and Stage Presence with Carol Cox: Podcast Ep. 066

Mastering Your Speaking Style and Stage Presence with Carol Cox: Podcast Ep. 066

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I can remember talks I’ve given, especially ones on stages in front of large audiences, where it felt like an out of body experience. I gave my talk, it went really well, but it was a complete blur, like tunnel vision. It all happened so fast and I felt like I was observing myself rather than being truly present and a part of it.

Now, when I do a presentation, I’m in my comfort zone. I feel confident about my material and my stage presence.

That’s what I want for you too, which is what I’m sharing with you in this episode: specific techniques and strategies you can use when preparing for and delivering your talk, including what to do the day-of and on stage.

I also share a few personal stories of how I conquered my nerves and what happened to me in a dress rehearsal and why I’m really glad there weren’t cell phone cameras back then.

Remember: Your audience doesn’t want you to be perfect; they want you to be present.

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  • What information to ask the event organizer ahead of time
  • What to wear and why
  • How to practice
  • What to do the day of when you arrive
  • How to reduce your nerves
  • Using your body, voice, and movement effectively
  • Feeding off the energy of the audience
  • Stories and examples


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