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Goals & Planning


Before you ask yourself what goals you want to achieve as a speaker, ask yourself who do you want to be as a speaker and then what do you need to do to become that? Taking on that identity is what will make the goals real to you.

These episodes will help you set better goals and inspire you to dream big.

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Hi, I’m Carol Cox, founder of Speaking Your Brand®.

I believe that as high-performing women we change the paradigm, the perception of ambitious women, by more of us actively and visibly pursuing bigger, audacious goals, raising our voices and sharing our stories about what really matters – on stages, in boardrooms, in our businesses, in the media – so others can learn from our journeys, see themselves in ours, and become leaders in their own companies and communities.

I started Speaking Your Brand® to provide the coaching, strategy, support, and confidence you need to take your story and your craft and turn it into a signature talk that provides immense value to your audience and to your business.