Finding Your Big Idea By Noticing What’s Missing with Jackie Roby [Big Idea Series]: Podcast Ep. 210


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What does it mean to have a Big Idea?

Your Big Idea doesn’t need to be something that’s never been talked about before or something that new research you’ve done has uncovered for the first time (if yours does, that’s great!).

I like to think of Big Ideas as ones that aren’t getting talked about in *your* circles, in your community or in your industry.

Big Ideas can often be found at the intersection of your industry and a trend (not a fad – I talk about the differences between trends and fads in episode 206).

For example, in episode 163 last year, I talked about a feminist approach to public speaking. Speaking is not a new topic and feminism is not a new topic, but combining them is something new.

Big Ideas also inform your thought leadership.

In this episode, I talk with Jackie Roby, the founder of Inspired Journey Consulting, a Boston-based business dedicated to wellness, healing, and transformational tourism.

Jackie was one of our incredible speakers at our last Brave. Bold. Beyond. Live Virtual Summit and is currently in our Thought Leader Academy.

This episode is the first in our new series on Big Ideas.

Jackie and I talk about:

  • Her Big Idea of how travel can be healing (which came from her own personal situation)
  • What wellness travel and healing travel mean
  • The thought leadership project Jackie is creating with her new podcast and her #TravelCanHeal hashtag and challenge
  • How Jackie came up with another Big Idea around helping travel companies with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Questions you can ask yourself to identify your Big Idea
  • Jackie shares her experience of speaking at our event and the impact it had on her

About My Guest: Jackie Roby is Chief Excellence Officer at Inspired Journey Consulting, a Boston-based business dedicated to wellness, healing, and transformational tourism. She is a sales strategist for wellness travel businesses & is a Diversity Equity Inclusion advocate. Jackie brings over 19 years of experience in travel and hospitality sales. IJC’s vision is to create a world where marginalized people feel empowered to be their authentic selves, where traveling is a tool for inclusion, to enhance the cultural wellness in the travel industry, and grow emotional intelligence, healing, & self-care for a kinder humanity.

About Us: The Speaking Your Brand podcast is hosted by Carol Cox. At Speaking Your Brand, we help women entrepreneurs and professionals clarify their brand message and story, create their signature talks, and develop their thought leadership platforms. Our mission is to get more women in positions of influence and power because it’s through women’s stories and visibility that we challenge the status quo and change existing systems. Check out our coaching programs at


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