Communicating Your Vision and Values to Your Team with Amber De La Garza: Podcast Ep. 222


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I’ve always thought of “Speaking Your Brand” as not only how you communicate externally to audiences, whether it’s at conferences and events, on webinars, or on podcasts.

It’s also how you communicate internally with your team members, your clients, and your vendors.

How can you best share your vision and values with your team?

I invited my friend Amber De La Garza onto the podcast to talk about how she has done this with her team members as her business has grown.

Amber and I talk about:

  • The team retreats we held for our respective teams
  • What content we included in those retreats to help our team members better understand our businesses
  • The 3 questions Amber asks her team as well as her clients as part of the feedback loop
  • Speaking Your Brand’s QBR (Queen Bee Role) and how that informs what we do
  • The importance of decision-making filters
  • The nuances of word choice and specific examples regarding words we don’t use with our clients and why


About My Guest: Amber De La Garza is a sought-after coach, trainer, speaker, writer, host of the Productivity Straight Talk podcast, and creator of the S.T.O.P. Leverage Formula. She helps small business owners improve their time management and elevate their productivity to maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most! Amber passionately shares her message with entrepreneurs all over the world.

About Us: The Speaking Your Brand podcast is hosted by Carol Cox. At Speaking Your Brand, we help women entrepreneurs and professionals clarify their brand message and story, create their signature talks, and develop their thought leadership platforms. Our mission is to get more women in positions of influence and power because it’s through women’s stories and visibility that we challenge the status quo and change existing systems. Check out our coaching programs at



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