Balancing the What, Why, and How in Your Presentations with Libby Rothschild [Coaching] - Podcast Ep. 077

Balancing the What, Why, and How in Your Presentations with Libby Rothschild [Coaching] – Podcast Ep. 077

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In this on-air coaching call, you’ll hear how to distinguish and balance the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW of what you teach related to your business and your offer.

My guest is Libby Rothschild, a registered dietitian who helps other registered dietitians build their businesses and use social media, especially Instagram, effectively. With her partner, Libby offers an online course and masterminds.

We talk about how she can tweak the content of her presentation to focus on the WHAT and WHY so that people in the audience are interested in taking her course or mastermind for the HOW.

We also brainstorm audience engagement activities, whether the audience is 60-70 people to audiences of 300-500.

About My Guest: Libby Rothschild, MS, RD, CDN, is a social media influencer and academic content creator. Libby creates an authentic and highly engaging dialogue on social media reaching more than 12 thousand individuals, mainly registered dietitians and nutrition students, as well as creates content for health-care settings and corporate wellness institutions. She monetizes her brand by coaching, speaking and creating online courses which are approved for Continuing Education. Libby co-created an online course and she co-facilitates a regular mastermind with a focus on Instagram. Libby received her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition at New York University and Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Hunter College.  

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