Defining Your Value Proposition for Marketing with More Heart and Less Hustle with Lisa Princic: Podcast Ep. 012


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How many of us wouldn’t rather market and grow our businesses with heart rather than hustle?

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with every new social media channel and tactic (Facebook Live! Snapchat! Instastories!), much less everything else that goes into running our businesses and working with clients.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, Lisa Princic and I talk about why “hoping for the best and hustling” is not a sustainable business strategy and what to do instead.

The place to start is by defining your value proposition: the unique combination of your attributes, your values, and the outcomes you get for your clients. Listen in for some examples of good and not-so-good value propositions.

Let me tell you about my guest Lisa Princic: I know Lisa because she was my business coach. I hired her back in 2015 when I was starting Speaking Your Brand and needed to make sense of and prioritize all of the ideas I had. As I tell people, you can’t do this all in your own head. Even though I teach entrepreneurship, business models, and marketing and started my first business 15 years ago, I realized I needed someone else to verbalize my thoughts to and get feedback to keep me moving forward. Lisa helped me to articulate the value I bring to my clients.

Through her one-on-one coaching and group programs, Lisa helps impact-driven business owners dive deep into their truth and unique value and build a highly compelling brand around it so they can attract their best clients, create more powerful offers, and build more profit into their business models. She does this in a way that allows them to meet their growth goals with more heart than hustle.

In this episode, Lisa and I talk about the importance of having a clear value proposition and a business model that works for you, so you can be intentional with your marketing to get better results.

You’ll also hear the story of how I found Lisa online and why I decided to hire her as soon as I got her email autoresponder message (without ever having talked to her).


  • What exactly is a business model and how it’s different from a business plan
  • Why having a skill set is not necessarily enough to have a business
  • The core of a business model is the value proposition
  • Why “hoping for the best and hustling” is not a sustainable business model
  • Lisa’s business model evolving from exclusively one-on-one coaching to adding group programs
  • The benefits of doing a small pilot program first
  • Your value proposition is a combination of your personality and the outcomes you can get for people
  • Making your outcomes tangible (buy now) combined with visionary goals (buy in)
  • Nurture your current and past clients – see how you can serve them again
  • Focus first on the marketing strategies that are already working for you


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