Create Your TEDx Talk

It’s your big moment. Make sure it’s the most powerful and engaging it can be.

Imagine you’re on the TEDx stage, sharing your message and making an impact.

This is what my clients Tammy Lally, Laura Gallaher, Savannah Boan, and Shelley Lauten did at TEDxOrlando in 2017 and 2018.

Tammy’s talk was selected to appear on the home page of and now has over 1.6 million views!

Because of the work we did together to create their talks, the event organizers were impressed with how tight the content was (no room for fluff or extraneous threads in a TEDx talk!) and how well prepared they were.

With personalized, one-on-one coaching, you can be just as prepared and wow the organizers and audience with your TEDx talk.

"Carol has coached several of our speakers and did a phenomenal job. She's one of the best speaking coaches out there. You're in good hands."

TEDxOrlando organizer

"Carol’s process of storytelling is compassionate and smart. With her guidance, I was able to take my story and turn it into a powerful idea worth spreading on the TEDx stage. We all need people to guide us to our greatness. Carol is one of those people."
Tammy Lally
"Thank you to Carol for her wisdom and support in crafting my message."
Shelley Lauten

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I am so grateful for Carol’s expertise and coaching in crafting my signature talk. She left no stone unturned (from my slides to my outfit) and helped me prepare to speak at a national conference in my industry. If I hadn’t worked with Carol, I would have been writing my slides on the plane and reading them as I spoke. Instead I was able to stay ahead of the curve, craft my talk and slides well in advance and deliver a well received presentation. The icing on the cake was being asked to speak at another (larger) conference this year by one of my audience members. I also gained several new coaching clients from this one speaking engagement.Natalie Eckdahl

Natalie Eckdahl, Biz Chix
Natalie Eckdahl, Biz Chix
Diane Diaz, The Brand Teacher
Diane Diaz, The Brand Teacher

Carol and I worked together in an intensive VIP Day session to pull together my content using her unique framework. Carol’s brilliant insight helped me streamline the concepts I wanted to share, work in personal stories to build connection with the audience, and deliver an informative, engaging, and fun talk. I delivered the talk with great success. Working with Carol on my talk saved me countless hours and much frustration! I highly recommend anyone who wants to deliver a spectacular talk hire Carol to help them create it. She’s the best in the business and she’s just such a pleasure to work with!”Diane Diaz

Carol is worth her weight in gold. She helped me create my signature talk from the ground up: I started with a vague notation of what I wanted to talk about, with the hopes that I would leave with a solid, workable talk. What I got was a truly fantastic talk that is engaging, helpful, insightful, and makes the room laugh. Most importantly, her process and the talk gave me the confidence I needed to show up powerfully in different settings, even ones that stretch me. She also helped me shortcut so much of the learning curve that would have taken me months (years!) to figure out on my own. Not only is she fantastic at her craft, she is genuine, easy to work with, focused, and inspiring. I can’t recommend her highly enough: hire her before she is completely booked! After speaking at a local group, I was invited to give my Signature Talk at a much bigger event. One thing leads to the next to the next.” Geraldine Carter

Geraldine Carter
Geraldine Carter, Focused Business Coaching

Hi, I’m Carol Cox, the Creator of Speaking Your Brand.

I help entrepreneurs and professionals excavate their stories, define their core message, and create a breakthrough brand and signature talk that grows your business and your influence. In addition to running Speaking Your Brand, I teach business and marketing classes at Full Sail University, and during election seasons, serve as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. I have also started two software businesses, whose clients have included Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and start-ups, municipalities, community organizations, and political candidates.

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