How Your Speaking, Media, and PR Can Work Together with Wendy Glaister: Podcast Ep. 115


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What happens when lots of good things start happening to you and your business, as more people and organizations are recognizing you as a rising star in your industry?

You may be tempted to back off your visibility, thinking the organic growth will continue.

However, an even better strategy is to accelerate your visibility and go after bigger opportunities: TV, major publications, speaking at high-profile events.

My guest, Wendy Glaister, talks about why she decided to hire a PR firm to help her grow her visibility through TV appearances, speaking engagements, magazine features, Instagram takeovers, and more.

We also talk about why Wendy reached out to me a few months ago to help her create a talk. However, the talk wasn’t one about interior design (that one’s next), rather it’s related to a cause very close to Wendy that she wants to help other women with, which you’ll hear about in our conversation.

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About My Guest: Typically, the world of luxury interior design is associated with major urban centers and far off vacation destinations, but regional ASID President, interior designer and sought-after speaker, Wendy Glaister has thought fully carved her own niche and fostered a deep connection to California’s agriculturally rich Central Valley. Born and raised among sweeping farmlands and working ranches, Wendy understands families’ need for beautiful, quality design with practical functionality. Her design work is strikingly diverse, ranging from quintessential farmhouse to sleek contemporary honoring each client’s unique design aesthetic. Along with her many public and TV appearances, Wendy is a passionate champion to those suffering from domestic violence.


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Wendy on “Good Day Sacramento” TV talking about wellness in design trends and showcasing a client’s home decorated for the holidays.

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  • Carol was on episodes 140 and 307
  • Wendy was on episode 386

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