Podcast Ep. 042: [Coaching] Content Ideas and Strategies to Start a Movement with Marnie Clark

Content Ideas and Strategies to Start a Movement with Marnie Clark [Coaching]: Podcast Ep. 042

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What kind of content should you create when you want to start a movement (or launch a product)?

In this on-air coaching call, I help my guest Marnie Clark with ideas and strategies to generate awareness and interest in a movement she’s starting around premium, hand-crafted non-alcoholic cocktails.

Marnie’s been frustrated that when she goes to restaurants or out with friends, she’s stuck ordering water or frozen slushy drinks. She wants a beautiful, delicious cocktail, minus the alcohol.

We talk about what kinds of videos to create, who to target, and how she can incorporate her story into her content.

About My Guest: Marnie Clark is a business owner who has played an integral role for the past 27-years in the multi-million-dollar construction company that she has helped build alongside her husband. Marnie is also the founder of Marnie Rae, a lifestyle brand that spotlights handcrafted, soft cocktails. Nestled near Hood Canal in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Marnie loves to enjoy the outdoors – hiking, running, paddle-boarding and boating. Traveling and family are high on her list but you can’t leave off the Seahawks or coffee! Being sober has led Marnie to explore a new passion and she is excited to share this with others. Marnie is recognized as a founder of the Dine and Dream Dinner and a past producer of The Inspired You Event.


  • How Marnie found her niche and is filling a void for her audience
  • How sharing your story is important because that’s what your audience will relate to
  • How large the market is for handcrafted non-alcoholic beverages
  • The importance of visual imagery when creating our content and user generated content
  • How working with local restaurants and TV channels can help spark a movement


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