Interview with Biz Women Rock: Amplify Your Message with Your Signature Talk with Carol Cox

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I has been an active member of the Biz Women Rock community for years and I couldn’t be more excited to share our conversation with you! Now, you may already be out on the “speaking circuit,” as a way to enhance your visibility or you may know that speaking is a big part of what you want to do, so this interview is going to be incredibly helpful for you because we cover a TON of practical strategies including…

  • Understanding the difference between a signature talk – or keynote presentation – vs. an educational workshop
  • My 3 C’s of visibility
  • How to go about getting started creating your own signature talk
  • How to ensure you are intentional with your presentations so they DO something for your business!
  • How to go about acquiring KEYNOTE presentations – what will make you stand apart from everyone else!
  • Some of the biggest mistakes we make when getting out there on the speaking circuit!

Find the show notes and listen to the episode on the Biz Chix website.

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