Improve Your Business Creativity and Innovation with a Framework with Sura Al-Naimi [Frameworks Series]: Podcast Ep. 148

Improve Your Business Creativity and Innovation with a Framework with Sura Al-Naimi [Frameworks Series]: Podcast Ep. 148 | Speaking Your Brand

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Ideas that come from innovation and creativity seem like they come out of nowhere, a flash of inspiration that hits you all of a sudden.

This can certainly happen, but in a business, innovation and creativity can – and should – be harnessed regularly to understand your customers, create new products, and find new market opportunities.

My guest is Sura Al-Naimi, who is a former Disney Global Innovation Officer at their internal think tank and now has her own company that helps startups and Fortune 100 organizations, including Hyperloop, Facebook, and Kaiser Permanente.

In her workshops and consulting, Sura helps teams get out of silos and risk-averse behavior to find a common language, toolkit, and mindset to unlock their creativity to solve problems.

And she does so using a framework.

Sura and I talk about:

  • Why we (individually and in teams) get stuck creatively
  • The innovation framework Sura uses with her clients
  • How having this framework helps get buy-in from various stakeholders in the sales process
  • Key mindsets that help in creative sessions
  • How to set up a creative session

This episode is part of our series on Frameworks, episodes 145-148.

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About My Guest: Since 2001, Sura Al-Naimi has been in the world of innovation and creativity. She is a former Disney Global Innovation Officer at their internal think tank, B2B tech and luxury jewelry entrepreneur, and challenger strategist at the What If Innovation Group, Synectics and EatBigFish. Sura has bridged the worlds of startups and Fortune 100 organizations. Disney, Hyperloop, Facebook, Chick-Fil-A, Levis, Kaiser Permanente, Barilla to name a few. She is the co-founder and Chief Co-Creation Officer of WeOverMe, an innovation network, founder of HiHelloSura, and an adjunct at Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis Singularity University.

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Book recommendation “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters” by Priya Parker.

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