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Give Your Talks, Slides, and Speaking Proposals a Boost with AI Tools - We'll Show You How!

I've presented on AI and built AI tools

Carol Cox speaking at MAICON
Carol Cox speaking at MAICON

Do you find yourself staring at a blank document when trying to write a speaking proposal or come up with a catchy title, spending way too long when you have other things to do?

Do you struggle with figuring out the best prompts to use in ChatGPT to get it to output what you want, without having to spend tons of time editing it afterward?

Not sure how to use AI image and music generation tools to enhance your slides?

That's where we come in!

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to use these AI tools and you'll use them yourself, with our guidance and feedback.

You do NOT have to be a techie!

You'll be all set to save a lot of time AND make sure your presentations & speaking proposals stand out.


LIVE Workshop on Zoom
Thursday, June 13, 2024
1-4 pm Eastern

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What you want to do:

  • become a more engaging & memorable speaker
  • save time writing speaking proposals & coming up with titles
  • create beautiful slides without spending hours or hiring a graphic designer
  • add fun elements to your presentations, like short video clips and music

Who this is ideal for:

  • women entrepreneurs & professionals who are speakers or want to do more speaking
  • any stage in your business or career

What You'll Learn and Do in Our Hands-on Workshop:

  • Live demos using ChatGPT to create outlines, talk titles, speaking proposals, and more

  • Live demos using AI image generation tools like DALL-E and Midjourney to create beautiful custom images for slides

  • Live demos using AI audio generation tools to create music for your presentations

  • Work on your materials using these AI tools with our recommended prompts

  • PDF workbook with prompts and resources

  • Get personalized feedback from us

You Get
  • Live Group Zoom Call + Recording

    We meet LIVE on Zoom.

    Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Time: 1-4 pm Eastern / 10 am-1 pm Pacific

    We'll be providing training, time for you to use ChatGPT to work on your presentation outline, slides, and speaking proposal, and you can ask questions and get feedback.

    We'll also send you the recording of the workshop.

  • Expert Coaching & Feedback

    Benefit from our expert on-the-spot coaching and feedback during the workshop.

  • Workbook with Prompts & Examples

    You'll receive a PDF workbook with training resources, prompts, and examples.

  • Brand Voice CanvasTM

    You'll also receive our Brand Voice CanvasTM so you'll always know how to make your presentations and content sound like you and stand out.

  • Supportive Community

    Be a part of a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs and leaders who want to be of service to their clients and audience.

Get expert training and feedback


Workshop Price = $495

Early Bird Price = $395

What Clients Have Said:


Carol’s process of storytelling is compassionate and smart. With her guidance, I was able to take my story and turn it into a powerful idea worth spreading on the TEDx stage.

We all need people to guide us to our greatness. Carol is one of those people.

— Tammy Lally, TEDx speaker with over 2 million views

Cara Houser

Carol and her team have "Speaking Your Brand" down to a delightful science and teach it so well.

If you’re serious about mastering the craft of speaking and storytelling, listen to the podcast, take their workshops, and learn their frameworks."

— Cara Houser, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Chanta Wilkinson

I realized that my trainings were a bit too “sterile” and I was trying to get a lot of information across to the listeners.

As a result of working with Speaking Your Brand, I’ve learned how to include personal stories into my talks, which I now realize is VERY important.

— Chanta Wilkinson, DEI Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker


From learning and working with Carol and Diane, I've realized the power of sharing my own stories in my presentations.

They helped me to uncover the most important pieces and how to share them in a compelling way.

— Kristen Albert, Ed.D., Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Podcaster

Workshop Agenda

Welcome & Introductions

Live demos using ChatGPT & other AI tools with recommended prompts

Work on your materials using ChatGPT

Get feedback from us & the others in the group

Make sure your brand voice is unique and memorable (and human!) when using ChatGPT

Meet Your Coaches

Carol Cox

Carol Cox is the founder and CEO of Speaking Your Brand® and host of the Speaking Your Brand® podcast.

Carol speaks on thought leadership; women in politics & the public sphere; and values-based communication. During election seasons, she serves as a Democratic political analyst on TV news. Carol was named as one of Orlando's Women of the Year in 2021 and has been featured in Forbes. Carol has a Master's degree in History and lives in Orlando, FL.

Diane Diaz

Diane Diaz is our lead speaking coach with Speaking Your Brand® and co-facilitates our group programs.

Diane speaks regularly on personal branding, LinkedIn strategy, and women's empowerment. Diane has an extensive background in marketing and branding and is also an Ironman triathlete. Diane has a Master's in Business Administration and lives in Orlando, FL.