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Topics Worthy of a Keynote with Danielle Liss [Coaching]: Podcast Ep. 008

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What kind of topics are worthy of a keynote versus a presentation you would do in a workshop or breakout session? How can you position what you offer so that clients see you as a go-to expert rather than a one-time or infrequent purchase?

Both of these questions are key if you’re looking to expand your business and get paid as a speaker.

My guest, Danielle Liss, is a lawyer, but don’t worry – she’s not like the attorneys you’ve met at your typical chamber of commerce or networking meeting. Instead, Danielle and her partner have been called “cool lawyers”. That’s because they understand online entrepreneurship and the new economy.

In this episode, I help Danielle come up with a messaging strategy to make legal topics less boring and more appealing when she’s pitching to conferences, especially for keynotes, and to podcasts.

I also put my business hat on and help Danielle think about a way she can increase her own company’s revenue by offering a new type of service to entrepreneurs who are in a growth stage.

We end the episode talking about how and why to track and measure the results of your speaking.

About my guest: Danielle Liss is a partner and founder of Hashtag Legal. As former Chief Marketing Officer and General Counsel of FitFluential, an influencer network concentrating on health and wellness initiatives, Danielle has intimate knowledge of the challenges facing influencer networks and social media professionals. Danielle has extensive experience creating and negotiating contracts, interpreting FTC guidelines, and creating website policies. Danielle is also an accomplished speaker and has spoken at dozens of conferences on legal issues related to bloggers and social media professionals.

We talk about:

  • How Danielle works with her clients, who include entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, and speakers
  • Two key things that should be included in your contracts as a speaker
  • How to position Danielle and her legal business so that it’s not boring or fear-based
  • The current presentation topics Danielle speaks on
  • The difference in content between a keynote and a workshop or breakout session
  • The value proposition we come up with that Danielle can use to appeal to entrepreneurs as they’re growing their companies
  • Finding the right places to pitch (whether conferences or podcasts) that have the best audience for you
  • My recommendation that Danielle not offer prospects free strategy calls and why
  • How and why to track and measure the results of your speaking


Connect with Danielle on her website at http://hashtag-legal.com

DIY legal forms at http://www.businessese.com/

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