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Create Your Signature Talk to Grow Your Business & Your Brand


Let's work together to create a powerful presentation that gets your message in front of more of the right people, so you can grow your business, brand, and network as a respected expert and an influencer in your field.

We'll take your story, your expertise, and your craft and turn them into a presentation that provides immense value to your audience and leaves them wanting more from you.

What you want to do:

  • make an impact on the people who need to hear your message
  • position yourself as a leader in your space
  • get known for your expertise
  • build your influence and credibility
  • boost your confidence

Who this is ideal for:

  • entrepreneur or professional
  • any stage of business or career
  • have an important personal message to share
  • desire to impact others on a larger scale
  • enjoy working with a coach over a period of time to hone your message and delivery

What's included in this coaching package?

  • Create Your Powerful Signature Talk

    Not sure how to open and close your talk or what content to include? Using our unique and proven Signature Talk Canvas™, presentation framework, we’ll create your complete signature talk.

    We’ll describe the story arc (hero’s journey) in your talk to take your audience from where they currently are to where they want to be – and how you can get them there.

  • Articulate Your Core Message

    We’ll extract your experience, expertise, and values so we can identify your core message – one that aligns with who you are and attracts the best speaking engagements and clients for you.

  • Identify Your Framework

    We’ll identify the common steps you take your clients through to get them results. This differentiates you from others in your field and gives prospects a tangible understanding of how you’ll work together.

    Based on your approach and steps, we’ll determine the best visual shape for your framework (circle, loop, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, etc.) and create it.

  • Rock Your Delivery with Confidence

    You’ll record a video or audio of your presentation and I’ll review and make recommendations that we’ll go over in one of our sessions together so you’re ready to rock it on stage!

You Also Get
  • Laser-focused Sessions

    Six laser-focused sessions on Zoom video (75-90 minutes each)

  • Shared Notes & Recordings

    A shared Google Drive folder with notes and recordings from each session

  • 90 Day Hotline

    Email and Voxer access to me for 90 days

  • Action Plan

    Specific homework and action plan for you to do between sessions

  • Review & Feedback

    Review and feedback on your slides & practice video

  • Experienced Coach & Speaker

    My 15+ years of research, experience, and expertise in speaking, presentations, messaging, business, and marketing

Get started on the next stage of your


Your investment is $5500

Payment plans are available.


“You’re the reason I am confident in my keynote. Best decision I made was to hire you. The value has been 10 fold.

— LuAnn Nigara, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Host of the A Well-Designed Business podcast


When I think back over the last year, you’re a big part of that picture. A TEDx talk and a signature talk. Wow! They are huge accomplishments. You helped me connect with a deeper part of my mission. You have a gift. I’ve had coaches before, but they weren’t focused on their clients the way you are.

— Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective®

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Carol’s deep business background, media training, speaking experience and time in the classroom make her the perfect speaking coach. I am so grateful for Carol’s expertise and coaching in crafting my signature talk.”

— Natalie Eckdahl, BizChix


Carol’s help with my presentation was invaluable! Through her process, we were able to clarify the message I needed to share with my audience. Then she helped me to organize my presentation in a way that resonated with all in attendance. Because of this help, I was offered several additional speaking opportunities and even a job as an adjunct professor! If you want to change the world with your message, Carol is the lady who will get you there!”

— Heather Ryan, former NCIS special agent

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